Mobile coverage the priority of all telecom companies


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As the field of mobile technology is developing continuously, this article is showcasing “Mobile Coverage” as one of the priority points of all telecom companies. Check more at

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Mobile coverage the priority of all telecom companies

  1. 1. 1st priority of all telecom companies Mobile Coverage
  2. 2. Today mobile is not just a device to call or message, but other additional services like internet is increasing the popularity of mobile phones and its services among the customers. The internet services and other services of mobile have smoothen the life of individuals, so, a sudden block in the mobile services infuriates the people. Generally, the mobile coverage issue in the remote and extreme regions like the tunnel is very annoying. This was a common complaint made by regular travelling customers in rail, metros. Hence, the telecom companies tried their level best to fulfill the demands of customers. All of the telecom companies aspire to become the best service provider in terms of mobile coverage. The target of the company should be to provide coverage where ever the customer moves. All areas like the hilly regions, deserts, highs and lows, should get the best coverage. The recent advancements like fiber connections are set so that the remote areas are covered. The telecom companies have tried to provide maximum coverage in train tunnel. The train tunnel coverage projects stressed upon continuous mobile coverage for train commuters. Fine connections have been set so that the customers enjoy continuous entertaining and productive daily commute, the problem of coverage, is no more a stress while moving in underground facilities like rail, basements and tunnels. Now, catching up on emails or phone calls, TV shows and accessing other applications like listening music will not be blocked. The idea of coverage solution and expansion struck telecommunication companies after numerous complaints made by customers to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). Many complaints were posted by customers regarding the coverage in past years, which is finally getting an appreciable solution. Wherever the telecom companies are marketing, the coverage is effective. The smart planning implementation has resulted in proper coverage in the extreme regions, even though human mobility is less. Hence forth the appreciable attempt of the companies in service delivery has finally lowered the figure of complaints made in 2013. The impressive Data released from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman in the last quarter of 2013 indicated the lowest quarterly complaint level in six years. Another attempt to provide mobile coverage and proper services to the mobile users will be soon solved after the completion of the National Broadband Program, which targets high speed internet service with proper coverage. The services will provide better services to the nation at global level. The ‘Reach of Network’ is the first preference and the Mobile coverage has become the prime objective. The betterment in the service is expected to result fruitful in coming years. By the above discussion, we can conclude that the multipurpose features and over dependency on mobile phones of the customers in the daily schedule, brings a clears picture that the telecom industry will be facing numerous challenges regarding performance of service. vTelecom Pty Ltd