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Live answering with 1800 toll free numbers


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Check this presentation on live answering with 1800 toll free numbers, which is worth reading very carefully if you are a business owner and want to create a stronger image in front of your customer. For more information, you can also visit our website at

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Live answering with 1800 toll free numbers

  1. 1. Live Answering With 1800 Toll Free Numbers Presented By
  2. 2. Live answering denotes the answering of calls at the time of call received or further passing the call to the respective extension. It talks about providing the service at the moment asked for, no recording of call or no procedure of missed call follow up or call backs. It is a special feature to solve and assist the customer at the time they call us. When the feature of live answering gets combined with 1800 number, it becomes a super pack for the customer. The customer not only enjoys the free service of calling to the toll free number of the company, but also gets assisted at the time of call by the medium of live answering. It is handled by the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who are 24X7 available to attend the call and deal with the customer’s problem. There are two ways of live answering  Your Customer Service Representative (CSR) does the live answering.  You appoint a receptionist company who works as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) or Executive while you or your CSR’s are busy. Some receptionist companies are available who provide you the opportunity, to be tension free while you are busy, the executive of the receptionist company handles your call on your behalf as live answering representative. It includes the following steps. Service of the Receptionist Company: Whenever a call rings and you are busy. Step 1: Forward your existing calls to the Receptionist Company. Step 2: The executive of the Receptionist Company talks live on your behalf. Step 3: The vital information of the caller is transferred to you by the executive just after the call. Step 4: If you have finished your work while the receptionist was on the call, the call will be transferred to you. Many brands are providing free trials to test this facility and some features are like:  Free trial of 10 days.  No setup costs, no charges of any kind, and no obligations.  Domestic native speakers available.  Provides professional image, as the service is delivered by executives of the Receptionist Company, who are enriched in communication skill. This service is supportive for the growth of business small or big. The direct contact with the customers without fail helps to get the best feedback and allows the number owner company to provide best service to the customer. The toll free number service is already an attractive facility to the customer and if the live answering feature is additional to it, then the customer relationship establishment becomes easier, whatsoever man power or staff you have you will be regularly updated with the good and bad points about your product. Being in touch with the customers 24X7 has become an essential need for customer relationship management hence we can conclude that customer service representative and live answering solutions are mandatory for business. References: