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Fa qs for the 1800 numbers in australia


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Check some of the FAQs in regards to the 1800 toll free numbers in Australia. For more information, you can visit vtelecom at

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Fa qs for the 1800 numbers in australia

  1. 1. FAQs for the 1800 toll free numbers in Australia
  2. 2. What is a toll free number ? A Toll-free number is a special telephone number which is free for the calling party. The telephone carrier company charges the cost of the call to the called party instead of calling party. Call Maker (Calling Party) Call Receiver (Called Party)
  3. 3. What is the difference between a 1300 number and a 1800 toll free number ? 1300 Number 1800 Number Calling Party A fixed toll, usually 25c, if calling from a landline Free call if calling from a Landline Called Party 15 min. free talk time if the caller is local and both parties are on landlines No free time, all calls charged from the time the call is answered
  4. 4. How to get a new 1800 toll free number ? If you want to buy a new 1800 toll free number for your business then you can follow some simple steps as  Choose it from Available List of Phone words and premium numbers by a premium service provider like vTelecom  Port in your existing 1300 number to avail our premium services  Purchase a number from the Government auction site,  Connect your 1800 services within 3 to 5 business days
  5. 5. How much it costs to get a 1800 toll free number ? The charges of different vendors may vary which can depend on following aspects Setup Fee Monthly Account Fee Flag fall Minimum Call Fee GST (are fees GST inclusive?) Time-block charging methods (eg. 60 sec, 30 sec or per second) Rates for calls from Local Numbers Rates for calls from Regional/National Numbers Rates for calls from Mobile Numbers Rates for Calls routed to a Mobile Destination Number Contract Exit Fees Call Charge Caps (usually have much higher rates) For more, details on pricing of 1800 numbers, you can check this link
  6. 6. To know more… Just Visit 24 / 4a Bachell Ave, Lidcombe NSW 2141 1800 883 532