Cheapest broadband offers and unlimited internet plans in australia


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Buy cheapest broadband offers and landline bundles from VTelecom and experience unlimited internet plans in Australia. To get one for you, contact Vtelecom at 1800883532 or visit our website at

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Cheapest broadband offers and unlimited internet plans in australia

  1. 1. Mobile Internet Which one suits You the best? Landline Broadband
  2. 2. Landline Broadband As there are frequent upgrades in the technology of mobile communications, the rate at which consumers are opting the mobile internet technology, is increasing so rapidly. There could be various points which might be there in the Consumer’s mind when they choose between Mobile internet and Landline broadband. The Usage of Internet Data As in current time, most of the work is done in its virtual mode, or we can say that people do most of their work in the online mode whether its official work or social networking or personal work. Hence there is obvious requirement of larger internet data amount. So, when it comes to the usage of internet data, there is not much to choose between the mobile internet and landline broadband, as both the techniques have as much space available as much the consumers require. Mobile Internet  The Speed of Internet Data In today’s fast generation, nobody wants to waste his time; hence the matter of internet speed can be a major factor for choosing an internet option. Now when we concern this point of internet data speed, here what I believe is that landline broadband wins the race. Others can think in a different manner, but what I think is that, because the landline broadband system uses the wired line technique such as ADSL2+ and Optical fibers, the speed of the internet is higher than mobile’s wireless technique, more often than not. The Cost of Internet Data As they say “Money factor always matters!”, this also implies when consumers opt for the internet connections and that can be one of the biggest factor. While we talk about the cost of internet data, here the mobile internet seems to be ahead from the landline broadband, because due to various spectrums in all countries the mobile internet is cheaper than the broadband connections. So, while we were showcasing all the points mentioned above for selections between the mobile internet and landline broadband, we can realize that there are various service providers who are trying to provide all the features that we have discussed so far, in their services to attract the consumers. Hence it becomes very difficult for the users or consumers to choose between various telecom companies or the service providers as all telecom companies are claims that they are providing the cheapest broadband offers or the unlimited internet plans for that matter. In the end, considering all the factors mentioned above, we can only say that, it’s entirely up to the consumers that which suits them the best “Mobile Internet or Landline Broadband”. > P.O. BOX 569 LIDCOMBE NSW > SUPPORT@VTELECOM.COM.AU > WWW.VTELECOM.COM.AU