Business promotion through inbound numbers


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To stay alive in the corporate market, it is essential to use the basic business resources like business inbound numbers as a promotional tool. For more information on this topic you can visit

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Business promotion through inbound numbers

  1. 1. Business Promotion Through Inbound Numbers
  2. 2. Inbound numbers promote a business to create a reliable and lasting customer base, and helps in presenting oneself in the most professional manner possible. Business demands a large market or customer database to grow roots of success. In today’s world social sites, social networking, emailing promotion has become the key factor to get into the minds of customers. You can promote your product on socialized sites, home page of the company. Besides above all, the one and only activity, which can compete other promotional activities, is inbound numbers facility. One searchers the product, looks into the customer care number or toll free number and dials it immediately and gets his thirst of knowledge, regarding the product fulfilled. The easiest way to get to know about the queries is dialing in seconds and getting the question mark vanished in a few seconds too. Just promote the numbers all over and get into the question bank of customers. The more they call, the more you pitch for your products and maximum chances are available, to sell the deals. The inbound numbers should be stated in the promos of the product. Nowadays promotions through bulk SMSs, bulk emailing, online ads on social sites are preferred; generally people look for a contact number to enquire deeply. If the customer searches out an inbound number, he instantly calls, as they are nearly free. Hence the time the customers call, you have the chance to fullest to serve them with the best services and grab them. Favorable qualities of inbound numbers:- a) 1800 numbers: Calling from any fixed line is free of costs, all over the nation. It encourages customers to contact the commercial organizations in maximum numbers as it’s free. Selecting these numbers reflect the reputation and financial stability of the organization. It can be said to be a positive feature for a new business. Instant accessibility is another additional aspect. b) 13 numbers: The 6 digit number is easy to remember. Customers are charged with a local call rate from the fixed landline all over the nation. c) 1300 numbers: It’s a 10-digit number where the Customers are charged with a local call rate from the fixed landline all over Australia. The calls of the customer are directed to the closest office in Australia. In case of closure or festive holidays the messages are captured through voice or fax messages. The calls made by the customers at the same time are automatically directed to staff available. So, that the calls are not hung and the customers feel the dignity of his call been answered, at one stroke. Minute things develop respect and customer relationship between company and customer. These numbers are also serving as a Disaster Recovery solution. A disaster recovery solution signifies selection of the mode of transfer of calls, to an alternative location by the service provider, when it is not possible to communicate from the usual place of work.