Australia has slow internet speeds, says national reports


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Check this presentation and know why Australia lags behind from other countries in terms of internet speed. Check more on broadband internet in Australia at

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Australia has slow internet speeds, says national reports

  1. 1. Australia has slow internet speeds, says national reports In the present scenario, it will sound a bit odd to most of the people, but it is true as far as the results of some of the reports show. According to them, while the rest of the world surges by with internet speeds that boggle the mind, Aussies sit on the bottom of the world jealously watching on with download speeds often below 24Mbps, according to a study out. Recently, a survey, commissioned by a national organization in Australia, found unsurprisingly that most Australians still have paltry internet download speeds when compared to the rest of the world. According to that report, 7.1 million Australians are getting less than 24Mbps from the copper network, while 3.7 million others are located in areas where estimated peak speeds are less than 9Mbps. 920,000 customers have less than 4.8Mbps available. But as they say that “Something is better that Nothing”, similarly, “While slow internet sucks, no internet is worse”. The survey found that there are still 700,000 premises around the nation that are unable to get any broadband at all. These are the areas that will likely be prioritized from new multi-technology model (MTM) deployment, which includes fiber-to- the-node, HFC, satellite and high-speed wireless networks. It’s not the situation, where it is about bad news all the time related to the status of broadband internet in Australia, as surprising 3.1 million Aussies have access to a high- speed broadband connection (over either fiber-to-the-node, hybrid fiber coaxial networks or fixed wireless networks). According to the survey, these folks achieve download speeds of between 25Mbps and 110Mbps. Good for them. A statement from the Communications Ministry of Australia promised a report into the speed of Australian broadband prior to his taking office, and has worked with NBN Co to compile the results. The Government and the NBN Co will use the data to prioritize National Broadband Network roll-out areas over the next few years. This inclusion of the Australian Government along with NBN Co will definitely take this matter seriously and people of Australian can certainly believe that the fast internet services could be one of positive characteristics when anyone talks about the Australian country. If this situation of slow internet still persists in Australia, then there could be a situation where people will raise this question that “Should the new question Aussie geeks ask each other be ‘how slow is your internet?’ rather than ‘how fast?’”