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13 numbers for grass rooting


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vTelecom brings such services which attract more customers for your business as it provides 13 Smart Number. More details on 13 numbers are available at

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13 numbers for grass rooting

  1. 1. 13 Numbers For Grass Rooting
  2. 2. he 13 numbers are, denoted as Local Rate Numbers, Smart Numbers or inbound numbers. After the introduction of the new numbering plan, 13 numbers came into existence. They are also known as priority 13 numbers. The access areas of these numbers cover large distances (the whole of Australia) and the calls are routed, to the appropriate place in a given area. The call charges are too low. Around 25 cents, from a landline, all over the nation. As the calls count local charge (though you are calling from anywhere) around the nation, to any destination, so these numbers are called Local Rate numbers. The call routing service of 13 numbers, allows the person to contact, the nearest office of a company (at a local charge cost to the caller) like: Company named FLY has an office in Perth (136666), if a customer residing in Melbourne calls to 13 number (136666) of the company, the call will be routed to the nearest, that is Melbourne number, similarly, calls made in Queensland to the Queensland number. And, further other calls made anywhere else in Australia, can be routed to their local or to the Darwin number. T o r The 13 numbers are the attraction point for customers. The smaller the number, the greater is the attraction. They are easy remembering for customers. The business provider is also in partial profit, as the call charge is divided section-wise, between the caller and the company, unlike 1800 numbers (where the company pays the whole amount of the call). These numbers are favorable for business expansion and grass root level customer generation. The customer is served at the local level. Various telecommunication services provide 13 numbers subscription like vTelecom with smart features in favor of business expansion with grass routing. For more information, visit