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What are your greatest strengths


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What are your greatest strengths

  1. 1. What are your greatest strengths?Other questions: Please tell me your 3 greatest strengths?I. Ways to answer this question 1. First way: Convert the strength into the weaknessFor example: I am a person who strives for the highest standards of excellence in work.Thus, I seldom trust in someone who can do the work as well as I do. This makes meafraid of giving the important tasks to other people.This characteristics can lead to a unwanted result that if you are not smart. the employermay think that you are cheating him 2. Second way: To find the best ways to resolve your weaknessA better method is that you point out one of your weakness, then you tell about the wayhow you resolve this.whatareyourgreateststrengths-120906091133-phpapp02.doc Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. For example: I pretend to be a person who demands for the highest standards ofexcellence in work, so I don’t want to give the job to other people. However, I haverealized that to develop the organization, all the members must be very skilled andknowledgeable with many tasks. This is very important for the team work to have besteffectiveness. 3. Utilizing your own weaknesses effectivelyTalking about your own life in the interview is a way that can make the interviewer todistract the main things. When you say “I am not a morning person” or “I have neverbeen very athletic” will make the conversation with the interviewers to be confusing, andyou are now cannot be seen as the best candidate for the job. 4. Telling about a real weakness that does not affect the jobThis can be quite risky. You may feel that the weakness you are talking about is notrelated to the job at all – however, the interviewer can think differently, or may thinkabout how this weakness will somehow affect the mob. An accountant says that he is nota good writer. An attorney says that she is not very good at the numbers. At first, it seemsto be a safe answer; however, those can come back and make you lose the goodimpression. It is never intelligent to give some information that might make you lose thegood points. 5. Let the interviewer know how you improved your weakness in the past. My most favorite way is to talk about a weakness I had in the past but I succeeded in correcting it. You can tell it like telling a story that the weakness caused some troubles to you at work, but you solved the problem very well, and is no longer a problem to you. You can complete your answer like this “… and in fact, I always try to find out various ways to improve myself”. Answering the question like this do not only help you to show your willingness to think critically of your skills, but also point out that you are happy to hear the constructive criticism and you are very eager to improve yourself.II. Steps to answer this question: 1. You need use your voice and your attitude effectively: It is your real weakness, therefore, you should use your voice and attitude to show out how much that weakness affected you 2. Tell about the ways that you solved the weaknesses wholly or partly 3. The methods to solve the weakness maybe by mentoring, training, etc.whatareyourgreateststrengths-120906091133-phpapp02.doc Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. III. Interview techniques for questions about weakness 1. This is a usual question you can be asked in all the interviews, so you should answer it. 2. You should never tell about the weakness that relates to the job’s crucial requirement 3. You should not tell about a weakness that is not real. 4. You should not say that you do not have any weakness. No one is perfect, so, you should not say so.IV. Samples of good answers - your greatest strengths? 1. In all the projects that I work, I want not only to meet deadline, I even want to finish the task well earlier. 2. It is not my strongest point of being organized, but I am using a time management system which really helps me in organizing. 3. I am a perfectionist, so I often spend quite a lot time to check it my work. However, I now find out a system that helps me to make sure that everything is done exactly at the beginning. 4. I often set up the appointments very late – normally at the last minutes. However, I recognized that when I set up things in advance, this will be better.V. Real case for your greatest strengths?Answer examples 1. I am a person who is addicted to workWhen you use this answer, you should be careful, or the interviewer will very highlyexpect on you. If you are recruited, you will have to spend a lot of time at the office towhatareyourgreateststrengths-120906091133-phpapp02.doc Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. keep their first impression on you. You should keep in mind that work a holism meansthat you always think of the work, and you always think about all business issues, evenon the weekend. For example, instead of saying that you come to the office everyday inthe week even Saturday and Sunday, you can suggest that you will take note of an ideaabout the work on the time you are suffering internet at weekend. This way of answeringI to show that you are serious about your job, and you have an effective way to have thebest result without having to spend too much time. 2. I seem to be a talkative person.Of course, when you answer this, it is not to show out that you would like to spend halfof your day chatting with your colleages. You should use this to let the interviewer knowthat in the emailing era, you are very good at communicating. Besides, this can beunderstood that you will be very good in working through the phone, and you can veryeasily talk with your potential partners and clients. This is a skill that not manyemployees have in today business. You also can show that in the activities of the wholegroup, how your skill of verbal communication helps you to show out the idea andencourage the group discussion.In some situations, you may be thought of being too talkative and you should let themknow that you are aware of this, but you know that this is a way to show that you are verygood at delivering the message appropriately. Certainly, you should use this answer in thecorrect situation. For example, it probably is best for the position that relates tocommunication or sale, rather than a job that relates to numbering.Related interview questionsYou can ref weakness interview question and answer and other questions at:103 interview questions and answers: (it is free for all of you!).Paid interview ebooks at: Page 4 of 6
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  6. 6. Common job interview tipswhatareyourgreateststrengths-120906091133-phpapp02.doc Page 6 of 6