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100 hr interview questions and answers


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100 hr interview questions and answers

  1. 1. 100 HR interview questions and answersIn this file, you can ref 100 HR interview questions and answers, for HR positions only.If you want common interview questions, you can ref: 103 interview questions andanswers (search Google for them, it is free).I. HR interview questions1. Tell me about yourself?2. What is your greatest weakness?3. What personal characteristics make you a good HR Manager?4. What have been your hiring strategies? How do you find talented people for thecompany?5. Why is employee training important to an organization?6. How do you collaborate with other company departments in your role as HR managerand why?7. Describe briefly your involvement with various company personnel?8. How would you say is multitasking important to an HR assistant?9. How to create a KPI?10. What experience do you have in HR field?11. What have you done to improve your HR knowledge in the last year?12. What have you learned from mistakes on the HR job?Source: Page 1 of 5
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  5. 5. HR job tilesHR assistantHR analystHR administratorHR associateHR coordinatorHR clerkHR consultantHR compliance officerHR directorHR executiveHR generalistHR managerHR officerHR leaderHR project managerHR payroll managerHR repHR recruiterHR receptionistHR specialistHR supervisorHR secretary100hrinterviewquestionsandanswers-120906114935-phpapp01.doc Page 5 of 5