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Popular Music & The Environment


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A short overview of some of the issues surrounding the environment and the recording and live music industries

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Popular Music & The Environment

  1. 1. Popular Music and the Environment <br />John Williamson, 22nd March 2010<br />
  2. 2. Lecture Outline<br /><ul><li>Environmental Issues
  3. 3. Environmental issues in the music industries
  4. 4. Possible Solutions: Organisations or Individual actions?
  5. 5. The Problems With the Solutions
  6. 6. Conclusions</li></li></ul><li>Environmental Issues<br /><ul><li>Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (2007) report scientific evidence of climate change with human activities “very likely the major cause of global warming”
  7. 7. Action to deal with this evident from 1992 UN Conference in Rio, finally formalised by the Kyoto Protocol – agreed 1997, in force 2005.
  8. 8. Kyoto based on the reduction of emissions of 4 greenhouse gases by 5.2% from 1990 level by 2012</li></li></ul><li>Environmental Issues<br /><ul><li>Although 187 countries signed up to Kyoto, not all of them have ratified / legislated to deal with the targets.
  9. 9. In the U.K., Climate Change Act (2008) sought reduction of emissions of 60% from 1990 level by 2050, and 34% by 2020.
  10. 10. Mayor of London set target of 60% reduction by 2025; Scotland 42% reduction by 2020.
  11. 11. Problems of implementation – international differences, enforceability. </li></li></ul><li>Environmental Issues in the music industries<br /><ul><li>Awareness of a number of environmentally unfriendly aspects of musical activity, particularly:
  12. 12. Production and distribution of vinyl and compact discs
  13. 13. Travel to and from live music events by audiences
  14. 14. Use of energy by venues
  15. 15. Problems surrounding festivals / large scale events
  16. 16. Travel and freight of equipment by touring artists </li></li></ul><li>Environmental Issues in the music industries -scale<br /><ul><li>The first major U.K. study of the environmental impact of the music industries – “First Step” conducted for Julie’s Bicycle by Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford (2007)
  17. 17. Headline figures:
  18. 18. Total emissions per annum: 540 000 tonnesCO2e
  19. 19. Recorded Music – each CD from recording to retail uses 1kg CO2e – approx 138 000 tonnesCO2e (26%)
  20. 20. Audience Travel: 231 000 tonnesCO2e (43%)
  21. 21. Music Venues: 125 000 tonnesCO2e (23%)</li></li></ul><li>Environmental Issues in the music industries -scale<br />
  22. 22. Environmental Issues in the music industries -scale<br /><ul><li>Report admits it is only a first attempt to gather data and does not include ‘activities linked to the music industry’ – e.g. manufacture of instruments, playing devices, etc.
  23. 23. Emissions of the UK music industries approximately equivalent to town of 54 000 inhabitants or annual emissions of 180 000 cars
  24. 24. 75% of emissions from live sector, remainder from recording – current trends in music industries could be bad for environment. </li>