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Writing a project brief

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. John Klyza Conduct Research Ex: 3
  3. 3. Massive Interactive Is Proposing to Buy 10 Laptops Computers for Their Design and Animation Staff. Project Brief
  4. 4. compare and contrast a number of computer brands, and operating systems in order to affect the most suitable brand. Objectives:
  5. 5. 1. Internet search 2. Company/Phone Surveys 3. Computer related magazines and computer stores Resources:
  6. 6. 􀂙  Week 1 –2: Writing-up survey questions. To be used for phone and companies surveys. Companies will not be approached directly but by Emails. Time Frame: 􀂙  Week 1: Conduct an Internet search for relevant data,and checking out computer stores, and computer/trad e magazines. 􀂙  Week 3: Results collated and a recommendation report written.
  7. 7. The project parameters, in terms of the survey, will be limited to design and animation companies within the greater Sydney region. As it is believed that an adequate number of companies exist within the demographic region to fulfil sample criteria. Project Scope:
  8. 8. Methodology: The informational results resulting from the three main information sources will be statistically weighted as to the following: Reliability under adverse conditions ( weight 5 ) Low weight ( weight 4 ) Long battery life ( weight 3 ) Computer operating speed; single, duo or quad systems ( weight 2 ) Able to operate Windows Vista Ultimate ( weight 1 )
  9. 9. Research Results: All available data from the above results will be tabled and bar graphed for visual comparisons. Recommendations present ed to management and interested staff ( Massive Interactive ) via a PowerPoint presentation.