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Evaluation of piliminary task 2011 (1)


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Evaluation of piliminary task 2011 (1)

  1. 1. Evaluation ofPreliminary Task Moriah Johnson
  2. 2. - What I have learnt about planning: (ideas, research, mise-en-scene)• To ensure I had a clear understanding about the topic I had to research the consequences and possible out comes of the crime. (illegal downloading). However I didn’t to collect ideas from other adverts or programs.• In order for my group to settle on one idea we created a mind map of ideas from each member of the group. Then all agrees on how we wanted out advert to look.• We took into consideration mise-en-scene. Such as what would be the best costume for each character. For example the illegal downloader wearing a dark hooded jumper and jeans. We also ensured we had props such as a computer and a DVD. We chose public locations in some scenes to show that people may be unaware its illegal.
  3. 3. Planning –Story Board We designed a story board and broke down what we planned to happen in each scene. However our final outcome did not match up to put plan. We made several changes in our final piece. It was useful to make a story board because it helped us understand what had to be done. Also it helped us to see the problems which we may have in future tasks.
  4. 4. Planning – Risk AssessmentDuring our planningwe had to asses allthe possible dangerswhich may occurduring filming. To dothis we had tocomplete a riskassessment and takeinto account all thepossibilities and whatwe could do toprevent them.
  5. 5. Planning - Script In the process of planning the group contributed to the planning of a script. However during the process of filming we changes our script because we came across complications. Such as not enough actors. In conclusion a script was helpful in giving everyone a rough idea of what the advert was about but was hard to stick to. I would make a script in future tasks.
  6. 6. -What I have learnt about equipment:• This task has taught me how to use and record on a camera. Including zoom in, zoom out and how to put the camera on automatic. Also how to set up and connect the camera to the tripod.• I learned how to use and connect a boom pole to the camera. Also how to use and connect the headphones to the camera.
  7. 7. -What I have learnt about editing:• After my group and I had completed the process of filming we transferred our work onto a Mac computer.• We used the a editing software (Final cut). While using this I learnt how to add text to footage. Also how to cut out unwanted scenes, use transformations from one scene to the next and how to increase or mute the volume when needed.• Other aspects of editing such as changing the speed of footage or rearranging the order of my scenes are a few things I have leant about editing.
  8. 8. -What I have learnt about linkingtheory to practice:• Our group also focused on textual analysis, such as camera work. We ensured in scene that contained more than one character were wide shots. Scenes which contained one character (the illegal downloader) were mainly extreme close up’s so that the audience can see emotion and details of what he was doing. During the scene which contained exchanging of money and the illegal DVD’s a wide shot was used to show location and full length of the characters.• Also a point of view shot was used to show what the character was viewing while on the computer.• We unfortunately we only had diegetic sound and was unable to import sound effects, sound bridges and non diegetic sound because we ran out of time.• For future work I will ensure I organise my time better so I can finish my editing.