Versatile multi-crop planter for two-wheel tractors: an innovative option for smallholders. Enamul Haque


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A presentation made at the WCCA 2011 event in Brisbane, Australia.

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Versatile multi-crop planter for two-wheel tractors: an innovative option for smallholders. Enamul Haque

  1. 1. Haque ME*, Bell RW, Islam AKMS, Sayre K, and Hossain MM *Email: Acknowledgement• AusAID • Farm Machinery Manufacturer• Australian Center for International Agricultural Research • International Development Enterprise• Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute • International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center• Bangladesh Agricultural University • Murdoch University, WA• Bangladesh Rice Research Institute • Smallholders Service Providers Group• Farmers
  2. 2. Location map of Bangladesh Between 20034 and 26038 north latitude and between 88001 and 92041 east longitude
  3. 3. Bangladesh agriculture in a brief• Average land holdings : 0.60 ha• Cropping Intensity: > 220%• Major Cropping Patterns – Rice – Fallow – Rice – Rice – Wheat - Fallow – Rice – Potato - Maize – Rice – Wheat – Mungbean – Rice – Lentil – Jute• Main Seasons – Monsoon (July – October) – Winter (November – February) – Summer (March – June)
  4. 4. Status of farm mechanization• Tillage/puddled operation ~ 85% (mainly 2 wheel tractor based)• Irrigation - >90%• Threshing/Shelling – Rice (70-80%) – Wheat (80-90%) – Maize (95%)• Milling/husking : 95%
  5. 5. Why two wheel tractor (2WT)?• Easy to access in the small field• Easy to operate and maintain• Relatively affordable• Tractors and spares are available in the local level• Repair and maintenance technicians are available at the village level• Minimum operation and maintenance cost• Minimum training needed Chinese made 12-16 hp 2WT, > 0.4 million are using in Bangladesh• Multipurpose use (custom hiring business) covering 85%• Proven and sustainable technologies Price per unit: US$ 1200 - 1600
  6. 6. Farm level adoption of 2WT based plantersPlanter Year of 1st Units Comments introduction adopted for on-farm planting2BG-6A 1995 >1000 Full rotary tillage, only seeding not real CAStrip tillage 1995 0 Farmers not accepted that timeToolbar frame ZT 1997 0 Poor residue handling Poor weed management Low field capacityToolbar frame bed planter 1998 0 Extensive pre-tillage Higher fuel consumption Fixed bed widthSingle Pass Bed Planter 2007 0 Single planting modeVersatile Multi-crop Planter 2009 14** including 4 and 2 units exported to India and Vietnam, respectively.
  7. 7. Versatile Multi-crop Planter for Two-wheel Tractors: An Innovative Option for Smallholders• Seeding and fertilizer application in line for 5 tillage operations: 1. Single pass shallow tillage 2. Strip tillage (both for wide/narrow and deep/shallow) 3. Zero tillage 4. Bed planting system (for single pass new bed making or re- shaping of permanent beds) 5. Conventional tillage system• Power requirement: 12 - 16 hp• Sowing width in one pass: 70 cm up to four rows• Seeding of suitable crops: Wheat, rice, mungbean, sesame, chickpea, lentil, jute, black gram, mustard, etc.• Net weight: 153-165 Kgs.• Price per unit: US$ 750-1000 in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  8. 8. The VMP and specifications Seed Rate Adjustment Handle Seed Box Fluted Type Seed Meter Fertilizer Box Power Transmission Seed Meter Off/On Leaver Sprocket Seed Delivery Tube Bed Shaper Furrow Opener Pressing RollerConnecting RodOff/on Gear Leaver for Rotary Shaft Fertilizer Meter Hitching Part with 2- Square rotary shaft is used to Wheel Tractor fix the clamping type tine Rotary Tine Holders (in each holders with 4 blades/tines line four tines could be set) Cover of the Rotary Depth Control Bar Shaft Toolbar Frame Power Transmission Chain Box (To Rotary Shaft)
  9. 9. Performance characteristics of VMP in different tillage modesLentil Rajshahi, 2009-10 Tillage type Field Fuel Labour Cost of land capacity consump requiremen preparation (ha/hour) tion (l/ha) t, (person- and seeding hours/ha) (US$/ha)Conventional Tillage 0.11a 33.1a 48.1a 41.5aSingle Pass Shallow 0.07b 20.6c 15.4c 19.8dTillageStrip Tillage 0.07b 5.83e 15.3c 10.3dZero Tillage 0.06b 16.6d 17.3c 18.1cBed Planting 0.05b 28.9b 23.9b 28.8bProbability (<1% level) ** ** ** **Considering variable costs for labour and diesel fuel.
  10. 10. VMP based Single Pass Shallow Tillage Early stage chickpea planted by VMP Later stage chickpea planted by VMP
  11. 11. Strip Tillage by VMP Early stage strip tillage lentil planted by VMP Early stage strip tillage Chickpea by VMPEarly stage strip tillage maize land prepared by VMP
  12. 12. VMP based Zero Tillage Planter in Operation with press wheel Zero Tillage by VMP VMP Zero Tillage LentilVMP Zero Tillage Chickpea VMP Zero Tillage Wheat
  13. 13. VMP is used to re-shape permanent bed to plant maizeSingle pass bed formation by VMP
  14. 14. VMP is being used to make wider anddeeper strip and plant potato in 100% residue retention condition
  15. 15. Direct Seeded Rice (space/hill dropping) by VMPEarly stage (hill to hill 15 cm row to row 20 cm) Later stage
  16. 16. DSR by VMP at farmersfield
  17. 17. VMP Trials and Adoption in BangladeshNovember 2010– March 2011Area coverage and number of farmers received services forestablishing various crops by the 4 studied VMPs. Location of VMP demonstration and trials in the Bangladesh map.
  18. 18. More presentation on VMP works in 5WCCA Poster 4 Poster 13
  19. 19. More presentation on VMP works in 5WCCA Poster 25
  20. 20. Conference: Conservation Agriculture for Small Holders February 2013, Dhaka, Bangladesh• Proposed Themes: – Planter design, R&D, innovation – CA practices (min. tillage, rotation, residue) – Resource use – Weed, pests, and disease management – On farm demonstration and research – Planter value chain and commercialization including credit availability – Enabling services and technologies (e.g. sprayers) Further details: OR We are cordially inviting you for the participation with technical papers, posters, and sponsorship