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Heros journey


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heros journey of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

Published in: Education
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Heros journey

  1. 1. Luke has a normal life with his aunty and uncle.
  2. 2. Luke is rescued by Obi Wan from the sand people.
  3. 3. Obi Wan asks Luke to become a Jedi but he doesn’t want to join.
  4. 4. Home destroyed and his aunty and uncle are dead.
  5. 5. Luke finally agreed to join the Jedi and ObiWan Kenobi takes Luke to Mos Eisley.Where they met Han Solo.
  6. 6. Luke is faced with his worst fear. Luke Skywalker try to aim for Death Star.
  7. 7. They celebrate the victory that the Death Star is over!
  8. 8. The hero getting reward for the amazing performance and bravery.