The job of simulator technician


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The simulator's technicians' jobs can be broadly divided into 3, the maintenance of the images and the related system, the maintenance of the electrical and mechanical systems and the related aircraft systems and the related computers.

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The job of simulator technician

  1. 1. The Full Flight Simulator• Flying in the simulator is like flying in the actual cockpit of the aircraft. ▫ The equipments are the same as the aircraft ▫ The movement is simulated and almost the same ▫ The sound is simulated, sound like the real aircraft. ▫ The look and feel is real• The job of a simulator technician is to keep the machine running.
  2. 2. The simulator The pilots sitting in the cockpit will Feel like sitting in the real aircraft a. Look at the windshield, it almost like the real scenery b. The instruments are real aircraft parts. These are where the similarities ended: -There are large computers to generate the images, the instruments, the motion and the sound
  3. 3. About the flight simulator -The motion is provided by six hydraulic actuator - The simulator is mounted on the floating platform. The Technician has to maintain the system that create the motion. -- There are hydraulic pumps, pipe and actuators to look after.
  4. 4. Job of Simulator Technicians• Simulator imaging technician – He will be in charge of maintaining the virtual images that the pilots see. Sometime the airport’s landscape changes, a new building is being built or new parking bays created. All these changes have to be incorporated. You can of course subcontract it, but this can be more expensive and the turn- around can be longer.
  5. 5. Jobs of Simulator Technician• Software engineer – Simulators operate on software. All the equipments in the cockpit are real aircraft equipments. However the input are all simulated. The software engineer need to understand the working of the simulation computer and the interfaces involved.
  6. 6. More Jobs For Simulator Technicians• Electro/Mechanical Technician – The full axis movement can be provided by 6 strong hydraulic jacks. The hydraulic systems are complex. To change the big jack takes a lot of heavy work and equipments.• The system involves hydraulic reservoir, pumps, the pipes and the control mechanism
  7. 7. Professional Responsibilities• Do maintenance and reliability tests on the equipments• Daily Readiness Check• Preventative Maintenance and visual alignment on all training devices.• Calibrate, maintain and troubleshoot all training devices.• Design changes and Modification.
  8. 8. Skills Required• Good Technical Skills and understanding the related systems.• Software Engineering and Programming• analytical skills needed in the trouble shooting.• Knowledge of the aircraft systems.• Quality Control procedures.• Proficient in reading blueprints, wiring diagrams and schematics.
  9. 9. Salary and Benefits• Attractive salary depending on where the work location• According to, the average simulator technician job is $157,000, as of April 2010.• Airlines benefits, like free annual travel for the staff and his staff
  10. 10. RESOURCES• Website:• email : Thank You Joha>Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License : Wikipedia®