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The job is yours


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The job is yours

  1. 1. Getting Ready for interview THE JOB IS YOURS
  2. 2. Are You Frustrated??  Hoping from one Job Interview to the Others.  Being Bypassed by Your Juniors in Promotion  Bored with Your Present Job and Want a Change
  3. 3. May Be The Interviews Process is Stopping Your Progress:  Not sure how to compile your application letter?  Nervous about your job interview?  Worried you may be asked awkward questions?  Lacking self-confidence when it comes to applying for promotion?
  4. 4. If That Is The Case, This Book Would be Able to Assist learn what Interviewers are REALLY looking for
  5. 5. The Author  Michael Roberts had worked for over 30 years and gained a vast amount of experience in the field of selection, recruitment, training and development, and career coaching
  6. 6.  He had interviewed hundreds of applicants, of varying ability, for jobs across a broad spectrum of occupations.  He was often frustrated by the lack of preparation many candidates had made for one of the most important opportunities of their lives. He found it necessary to turn down what may well have been capable men and women - due simply to their poor preparation and presentation.
  7. 7.  On retirement, Michael determined to do something about this gap in the education of school-leavers and other people seeking suitable employment, (including recent graduates and employed people looking for promotion).  It seemed to him that few people had been taught how to present themselves to their very best advantage.
  8. 8. About The Book (Manual)  This is THE handbook - 42 pages of good, solid, step-by-step guidance:-  this concise "instruction manual" (a distillation of his hugely successful interview- coaching seminars), Michael, in a no- nonsense way, shows you the way to prepare your job application, how to prepare for your interview - and how to shine when you attend it!
  9. 9. The manual will guide you to…  1. Evaluate YOU ! 2. Compose your letter of application. 3. Complete your application form - perfectly. 4. Use our alternative strategy for securing an interview . 5. Prepare for your interview. 6. Prepare for Questions – Theirs and Yours 7. Consider obvious details - but often overlooked. 8. MANAGE the interview. 9. MANAGE group / selection interviews and telephone interviews".
  10. 10. Some Tips: Do your homework  It’s important to make yourself stand out as someone special. Give them the reasons why you are the right candidate.  Research the company beforehand so that you can showcase that knowledge during the interview. This will boost your credibility with the interviewer and will help you to formulate intelligent questions to ask him or her.
  11. 11. Some Tips: Sell yourself.  This is your chance to shine, now is not the time to be humble. Prepare a 25-second sales pitch that sings your praises. In business this is called an “elevator speech,”  Give them compelling overview of why you? It should include your strengths, your abilities, and what sets you uniquely apart from other applicants
  12. 12. Your Investment "If you do what is suggested in this book it is almost inevitable that you will secure an interview - and the job!" Everything you need for just £9.97 Plus - Bonus I: Free Foolproof Application Letter which has enjoyed a 100% success rate. Plus – Bonus 2: Free copy of "As A Man Thinketh..."
  13. 13. ABOUT ME  Joha email :  Web site: