Petaling street


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petaling street is the China Town in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A place for locals as well tourist to grab a bargain goods.

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Petaling street

  1. 1. Petaling street china town of kuala lumpur Joha Rahman
  2. 2. The entrance to Petaling Street from the stadium. Take note of the green roof
  3. 3. The opposite entrance. The Mc Donald is just at the entrance
  4. 4. Many stores selling all sort of things. Haggling is a norm, sometime half of the offered price.
  5. 5. You will find both local and tourists frequent the street
  6. 6. Hundreds of shoes, but be careful, they look like original, but may be imitation.
  7. 7. More shops
  8. 8. Tattoo Art – the skin piecing place. Some like it, many do not
  9. 9. Display of different style to choose from
  10. 10. Too many to choose from
  11. 11. Watches of all shapes and price
  12. 12. One of the many bed and breakfast
  13. 13. The foot massage, do you like to try it
  14. 14. A china town is not complete without a chinese temple
  15. 15. The temple overlooking the historic stadium- independent stadium
  16. 16. Welcoming the chinese new year year of the tiger
  17. 17. Mixing the modern taste of McDonald Time to Have a Break… Bye…
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