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Make me a million online


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sharing my journey learning how to make money online

Published in: Business
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Make me a million online

  1. 1. Make me a million online By: Joha Rahman My journey to Make Money Online
  2. 2. Online Business is not a secret • Increasing reliance on the internet for information and product selection, • In whatever business you are doing, making online presence is necessary. • Keep up-to-date with the trend, keep you in the mainstream.
  3. 3. Go Global • The global market is so large, do not limit to your boundary • China alone has 400 millions surfers. • The total global surfers are reaching 2 thousand million. • There is a vast potential to tap • There is also great competition to face.
  4. 4. Varying Internet Purchasing Power • Different countries have different tendency to buy online. • The advanced nations have higher online spending, based on positive experiences and trust. • France online spending is about $50 billion and UK is about $75. • As such project your self as a global player.
  5. 5. Get A Good International Domain Name • Dot Com is the best. It reflects the global standing. • The domain with the country code implies that the business is localized. • Get name that make sense and easy to remember. • The name should reflect the business.
  6. 6. What if the dot com is taken • There are other choice, dot biz, info, net or org. • Remember that the extension has inherent perception, org for organization such as your club or groupings. • You can also add some meaningful words to make the dot com unique.
  7. 7. Build a Pleasant Ecommerce experience • Make your site a selling site, customers can conclude the buying on site. • Install buying button and the online payment method. • You can use paypall to start with, it is free to set up, but they charge certain fees for the transaction.
  8. 8. Enhancing the ecommerce experience • Get a good photos of the products giving different angles, • Video of the company and the product will build trust, it is like seeing the physical building and the products. • Multi-lingual site will attract more buyers, it give the global feeling, and people prefer to buy from the portal with the native language.
  9. 9. Market Your Products • You can use the social media such as facebook or twitter. • It is very common for buyers to check your profile online.
  10. 10. The Resource Blog : The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years in Training and development. eMail :