Ideal candidate for the job of cabin crew


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Provide the common prerequisites for cabin crews, such as the height requirements, qualification and traits.

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Ideal candidate for the job of cabin crew

  2. 2. Introduction –Attractive career  One of the careers that attract a large number of applications from the younger generation is the position of cabin crew.The job seems to be attractive to the younger minds as it offers the opportunities to travel and visit foreign countries. It also provides the opportunities to socialize and meet new acquaintance that can lead to lasting friendship.
  3. 3. Use This Only As Guide  Many of the applicants are applying for their first job.They must be wondering what airlines are looking for from the applicants. The following are some information to be used as a guide for the candidates. Please take it as a guide only, as the actual requirements can vary depending on the airlines and the recruitment’s situations Guide for Interview… Click Here
  4. 4. Prerequisite  Height:The general height requirement for flight attendants usually lies between 64" and 72", although many airlines are now requiring a minimum reaching span of 72 to 80 inches instead of the usual height prerequisite.The measurement for the ladies is slightly lower.  Nationalities: Most airlines hire the citizen of the country.There exception to this, a special group of crews are required to handle special group of customers. For example, some foreign airline is hiring Japanese crew to handle the Japanese tourist. This is because the Japanese normally do not speak other language but Japanese.
  5. 5. Weight and Physical Characteristics  Weight:The weight should be proportional to the height. It is not only the issues of company's image, but being overweight can be a safety issue.  Nil Physical Deformities. Some airlines are even particular about noticeable scars.
  6. 6. Age  Most airlines are seeking applicants between the ages of 18 and 55. Some airlines require an applicant to be at least 21 years of age.  However in the Far East like Malaysia, prefers younger group to fit the image of the airline. Although the airlines prefer the younger  applicants, the level of maturity is an important. This is because the crew s are needed to handle real life issues and sometime the situation can get a bit difficult and require mature judgments.
  7. 7. Personality  The outgoing personality is always preferred. This is because a shy person may not be able to be assertive in directing the customers. The cabin crews are also required to be able to stand in front of a large group to be instruction or guides.
  8. 8. Education  The minimum is GCE or High School Diploma. Some airlines prefer applicants to have at least 2 years of college.A bachelor's degree, an associate's degree, or diplomas from a technical or vocational school are added advantage.  Language Skill .The ability to communicate in English is necessary for most airlines.
  9. 9. Experience  An experience in customer service is beneficial and an important consideration when applying for a cabin crew job.  This will give the airline the confident that the applicants would be able to handle the passengers.The passengers are not always polite or kind. An experienced worker with good communication skills can deal appropriately with the situation.
  10. 10. Other requirements  The staff is expected to obtain an international passport even though the flight is domestic.This is to cater for flight diversion or other unexpected events. Most airlines will require staff to be repositioned to another city where the cabin crews are based. If you are flexible, then you have a better chance to be a cabin crew.  Ability to follow the odd working hours.The crews are required to work at odd hours.
  11. 11. Resources Guides to Secure the Job The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years inTraining and development. Blog site: Joha rahman