Helps with staff layoff


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being layoff is a stressful experience. Probably the company can assist by offering different scheme...find out more.

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Helps with staff layoff

  1. 1. HELPS WITH STAFF LAYOFF Joha Rahman Jobs Skills:
  2. 2. LAYOFF AND YOU  Layoff is a very stressful experience for the staff. It is not ONLY affecting his financial position, but it has negative implication to his social and personal confidence.  The similar stress will be affecting the management staff. It would be very difficult to call your staff for a meeting and deliver them the bad news. This is especially so if you had been working like family for years
  3. 3. BEFORE LAYOFF, HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THESE?  VSS  Early Retirement  Reduced Hours  Voluntary Holidays  Study Leaves
  4. 4. VSS (VOLUNTARY SEPARATION SCHEME))  The Information quoted here is based on personal experience with an organization.  The organization started it early, about a year before separation date. It is based on staff application and to be approved by the management.  The amount to be paid was based on the last drawn salary and the year of service. A last minute maximum cap was put and those above the amount were not considered.
  5. 5. … CONTINUE.. VSS  There were cases where staff were paid more than if they were to continue working full time.  Staff who has more than 18 months to retirement were paid 30 months salary.  The company claimed that the VSS was successful.  It could had been done better, cheaper for the company and the staff would had been more satisfied.
  6. 6. …. CONTINUED BETTER VSS Possible Alternatives  Combine the VSS with early retirement.  Pay the lower of early retirement or VSS.  Put the maximum cap to the payment, but allow those reaching the maximum to go, they are high salaried staff  View the VSS together with other strategy, such as the part-time working or study leave.
  7. 7. REDUCE HOURS AND STUDY LEAVE  These are very humane strategy.  It is good for the company as it reduce the cost .  It has some disadvantage for the company as it will require new way of working.  It would encourage the staff to leave the company voluntarily.
  8. 8. … CONTINUED.. STUDY LEAVE  Based on personal experience working for a service organization  85% of the staff that join the company with O level equivalent qualification.  50% of the jobs do not offer much career progression.  Study Leave enable the staff to obtain higher qualification and increase their chance to leave.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION  Most staff understand the need to reduce staff.  The staff issues will be on self survival and fairness of the implementation.  Any apparent unfairness and favoritism with face wide spread criticism dissatisfaction.
  10. 10. THE RESOURCE Blog site: The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years in Training and development. eMail :