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Linked indiscussion2014 crucialdialoguemodel

Some slide around the Crucial Dialogue Model

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Linked indiscussion2014 crucialdialoguemodel

  1. 1. What does it looks like? The Crucial Dialogue Model
  2. 2. Model The concept model a used in ‘Crucial Dialogue Model’ means a simplified representation of [a part of] reality. Therefor, a model only describes the complex reality in a simplified way, and is therefor never ‘correct’. Thus a model can continuously be improved. 28 juni 2014 2 Johan Roels Crucial Dialogue Model
  3. 3. Dialogue  DiaLogos;  Dia means through ;  Logos means “the word”;  Peter Senge: “Flow of Meaning” ;  Dialogue: “Flow of meaning in words and images through the participants of this form of conversation”. 28 juni 2014 3 Johan Roels Crucial Dialogue Model
  4. 4. What Makes a Dialogue Crucial? According to Patterson et al. the dialogue should have following characteristics:  There is a problem;  The insights regarding this problem are merkelijk different  The conclusion of the conversation is really meaningful;  Emotions are firing. 28 juni 2014 4 Johan Roels Crucial Dialogue Model
  5. 5. 28 juni 2014 5 Johan Roels Crucial Dialogue Model based on … Creative Interchange Henry Nelson Wieman (Man’s Ultimate Commitment) Charles Leroy Palmgren (The Chicken Conspiracy & The Flight of the Eagle) Crucial Dialogue Model
  6. 6. Facts, Observations, Objective Data Feelings, Emotions, Creative Tension Beliefs, Suppositions, Expectations, Mindset, Frame of Reference Strategy, Resources, Approach, Action Plan Commitment (PCCP) Definition of Problem Result: a (temporary) Insight Result: a (temporary) Decision LEARNING CHOOSING ? COMMUNICATION CREATION APPRECIATION TRANSFORMATION REFLECTING DECIDING Crucial Dialogue Crucial Dialogue Model28 juni 2014 6 Johan Roels
  7. 7. 28 juni 2014 7 Johan Roels Crucial Dialogue Model COMMUNICATION IMAGINATION APPRECIATION TRANSFORMATION Crucial Dialogue Model