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Wellus self supporting


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Wellus self supporting

  2. 2. A retirement home for happy andhealthy people>  Where people are supported to stay active and do the things they are able to.>  Where people still contribute to their environment in their own way and time.>  Where doors are always open and visitors are welcome any time of day.>  Where there is little to no management.>  Where young and elderly people share a good time.>  Where they talk about people instead of clients.
  3. 3. Keep ondoing thethings youhaveallwaysloved andstill loveto do.
  4. 4. It is time for social innovation!> Over the last century healthcare has made wonderful progress. A lot of technological and medical innovations became possible. We now can treat diseases at a cellular level and even at a molecular level.> Social innovation is as important as technological and medical innovation. However since The Plague we are still separating the sick from the healthy.
  5. 5. Our definitionSocial innovation is changing behavior andsocial norms that emanates from socialconviction.Re-evaluating social (non explicit)convictions frees the way for socialinnovations supported by the righttechnological and medical innovations.
  6. 6. Social convictions in healthcare>  We need more care.>  There is not enough budget, which inhibits us to provide good care. Therefore we need more money.>  People are happy when someone else provides them with care and relieves them from daily worries.>  Society needs to take care of seniors.>  Seniors in retirement homes have no to little value to society.
  7. 7. Think different> Happy people are healthy people.!> We need less care.!> We need less money for care.!> People want to be independent.!> Professionals together with family and caregivers need to take care of seniors. !> Seniors have a great value to society.!
  8. 8. Business case 1: Home made mealsIt is a misconception that cooking andbuying groceries yourself would be moreexpensive than a meal service. It is actuallycheaper!It is not only cheaper, it also has a socialimpact to cook for each other, it creates amore active lifestyle. So it makes peoplehappy and healthy.
  9. 9. Cookingand buyinggroceriesyourself.
  10. 10. Business case 2: ActivitiesIt is very beneficial for seniors to stayactive, involved and engaged with others.> Being active increases engagement, improves confidence, resilience and control, reduces anxiety and depression, as well as reduces symptoms of disease and improves function to help maintain independence.
  11. 11. Stay active,involvedandengaged.
  12. 12. Business case 3: Social contributionSeniors made a positive net contribution of£40 billion to the UK economy in 2010.Furthermore, as the overall number ofpeople over 65 increases and people remainhealthier for longer, opportunities to make apositive contribution through work orvolunteering will grow. As a result, by 2030,the positive net contribution of over 65s willrise to an estimated £77 billion.
  13. 13. Socialcontribution.
  14. 14. We believe thisradical newhealthcare businessmodel increaseswellbeing and health,and reduces careconsumption!
  15. 15. Imagine5% increase of seniors in a retirement home that would cook, for two. That is 10% more of those cheaper meals.5% increase of seniors being more active, for example by cleaning their own room. In only 3 months 65-95 year olds can rejuvenate 20 years of lost strength through activity and exercise. That is a lot of rejuvenated years.5% increase in socially active seniors, for example running a library. That is a lot of net contribution euros.That is a lot more happy and healthy people.
  16. 16. There is anincreasing numberof people who arethinking the same.
  17. 17. European Union about active ageing (2012)“Active ageing means growing old in goodhealth and as a full member of society, feelingmore fulfilled in our jobs, more independent inour daily lives and more involved as citizens.No matter how old we are, we can still play ourpart in society and enjoy a better quality of life.The challenge is to make the most of theenormous potential that we harbour even at amore advanced age."
  18. 18. So how do we start?We made a roadmap tostart tomorrow.From little things bigthings grow.
  19. 19. CareToDesignThis radical new healthcare business modelwas generated by CareToDesign.Our aim is a human centered healthcareservice delivery system that corresponds tothe real needs of patients and their relativesand that guarantees accessible healthcarefor all in an ever more constrainingenvironment.
  20. 20. Ideas worth spreadingThis idea was sent to:> “How to radically improve Healthcare” > Singularity University >
  21. 21. Contact usDaniëlle Hoek Johannes van den EerenbeemtMail > Mail > johannes@caretodesign.comTwitter > @daniellehoek Twitter > @johannesvdeLinkedin > daniellehoek Linkedin > jacvdeerenbeemt
  22. 22. Inspired by:>  Daan Dohmen, “De e van e-Health. Juiste energie voor optimale implementatie van moderne technologie in de zorg thuis”, 2012.>  Jaap Maljers, presentatie OpschalingsTOP, 29 november 2012.>>>  Dan Pinks talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.>>  Gezelligheid in huis door samen koken en eten:>  Why active ageing is good for heart and mind:>  The benefits of staying active for the elderly :>  Gold age pensioners :>  European Union on active-ageing :