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ROItelligence Marketing Data Warehouse by LeROI


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This is how even small companies can get data-driven. ROItelligence: Your own customized Marketing Data-Warehouse powered by Big Data. See here how it works and what the benfits are.

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ROItelligence Marketing Data Warehouse by LeROI

  1. 1. Your own customized Marketing Data-Warehouse powered by Big Data. ROItelligence LeROI brings together E-Business and Digital Marketing competency based on longstanding industry experience. We consult prestigious clients in digital marketing strategies and operational expertise. As a modern, tech-saavy marketing consultancy and agency, LeROI pro-actively guides and conducts realization processes, may it be campaign creation, technical setups or ongoing optimization of marketing activities. Creating in-house knowledge by assisting and coaching your executives and professionals is a streamlined objective. LeROI employs a wide range of high-quality marketing services (SEA/SEM, display advertising, content marketing, affiliate mar- keting, and more) with specialization in Marketing Intelligence and Conversion Optmization. With ROItelligence and LeROI CRO UP (Real-Time Behaviroral Targeted onpage conversion campaigns), we offer two disrupting services to the modern world of marketing. Find more information about us on About LeROI LeROI Online Marketing GmbH Oranienstraße 6 | 10997 Berlin | Germany Managing Directors: Johannes Schatz, Christian Lubasch
  2. 2. Customized Big Marketing Data. In-house. Why you should care No one knows your business like you do. However your typical marketing software can only solve stan- dard questions. But, there is of course no “standard business”. You have your very own questions, your own challenges. And, do you know what your future questions will be? Neither do we. But we give you the flexibility to answer them all when it’s time - with one solution that is customized for your business including your conversions, architecture and existing business processes. What ROItelligence does for you Use Big Marketing Data to make better decisions, op- timize your campaigns and build a better product. Let data help to create strong customer relationships. Do all that totally customized to your business. ROItelligence is your own Marketing Data- Warehouse powered by Big Data. Gain a 360° view of your customers by combining marketing data like Google AdWords with user-centric track- ing/engagement/retention data as well as your internal systems, e.g. sales data or user ac- counts. You can additionally use it for personal- ized marketing. It’s your data, so it’s your own data-hub. No need to share your secrets with others. You remain owner of your data - in comparison to others, the data-ware- house is no Software-as- a-Service. It’s your asset. ROItelligence works with all major business intelligence tools and operates with very low total cost of ownersh- ship. How ROItelligence works BIG MARKETING DATA 360° CUSTOMER INSIGHTS SECURE DATA Gain insights from data-driven customer intelligence - see which campaigns drive great customers. Combine everything with data you already have in-house to get a full view. Track every piece your visitors and customers do, totally customized to your business. Be able to solve and visualize every question with raw data access. Your data is highly secured and encrypted by strong industry standards - likely more than many of your in-house systems. All access is logged and monitored.
  3. 3. LeROI Data Pipeline for your data-warehouse: Various E-Commerce Shop Systems Custom CSV / ODBC Custom Sources ... and more connectors. Customer Intelligence: ask questions you couldn’t ask before. Endlessly flexible. Example use cases • In-depth customer journey analysis • Do specific patterns exist before customers buy? • Custom multi-channel attribution modeling • Different types of advanced cohort analyses • International marketing and executive reportings • Catalogue analysis for e-commerce / retail • Customer segmentation (ABC/RFM), cluster analysis • Feed external tools (like email solutions) with users • Enrich your customer journey with behavior data • What sorting in my search results increases conv.? • Customer lifetime values per keyword • Calculate real cost and ROI automatically • Custom onpage funnels, even in retrospective • ... and other endless possibilities. Direct SQL access to your raw data You are absolutely flexible in the questions you ask. Different to other solutions, you get direct SQL access to your data-warehouse for your marketers / analysts. Moreover, ROItelligence is designed to work with almost any BI visualization tool for reporting and advanced data discovery. With this setup, you are enabled to turn big data into a competitive advantage. What’s different to Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a great tool to get started with sim- ple user interfaces. However, it does not allow you to ac- cess user-centric raw data for endlessly flexible reports unless you pay 100000+ €/year. It’s software built for the masses, not adapted to your business. Also, you don’t need to upload your internal (confidential) margins to an external SaaS tool made by advertising giant Google. Image Source: Customer Journey to Online Purchase by Google Analyze multi-channel customer journeys of every single user with different attribution models Customer journey & campaign tracking built-in Modern technologies generate huge amounts of data. The built-in analytics module allows you to capture very detailed customer data. Use it for instance to analyse on- page or multi-channel funnels with custom attribution. Easy marketing campaign optimization With granular information available, marketers gain in-depth insights about their ROIs. Optimize your cam- paigns, spendings and throughput with the most de- tailed data you ever had.
  4. 4. What is ROItelligence? ROItelligence is your customized Big Marketing Data-Warehouse. It is an outstanding solution for marketers, product lovers, BI analysts and executives (CEO/CMO/CPO etc.) to analyze big amounts of marketing data. It allows you to combine in-house data (like production databas- es) with external marketing (cost) data. Moreover, it has a leading ana- lytics module built-in, so it acts as modern E-Business analytics suite to depict customer journeys in-depth. Though, it can also “only” be used as primary marketing data source for existing warehousing solutions. What can I do with ROItelligence? Compared to standardized software like big web analytics suites, your possibilities are endless because you actually own and have access to every bit of raw data without employing creepy exports. You can do whatever you want with that data. However, our customers typically use ROItelligence to analyze their customer lifetime values, see real cohort analyses in action and segment precious customers within their data-warehouse. Consequently, you can answer questions that are not even askable in other tools with “one fits it all” user interfaces. To en- sure you get maximum insights, our industry experts and consultants teach you in best practices from some of the leading digital marketing companies world-wide. Why should I use ROItelligence? Use your Big Marketing Data-Warehouse to connect your data silos, especially in marketing. Optimize campaigns, spendings and ROI. Im- prove your customer retention / engagement and build products that users provably love. Use its data to create stunning reports and dash- board with connected BI visualization tools. ROItelligence scales with your business - implemented once, you never need to replace it unless you become the next Facebook in size. Who should use ROItelligence? Our solution is perfectly suited for customers that want to take the next step in marketing and/or analytics. While you can of course use it to gather very detailed user-centric data right from the start, we’d say that you typically should have a decent amount of traffic and some marketing spendings. However, if you know that you are or want to become data-driven, then you’ll love your endless possibilities. What’s so special about ROItelligence? Before we designed ROItelligence, we were tired of using limited in- sightful “cheap” SaaS solutions on the one hand and incredibly expen- sive analytics suites on the other. We felt that there is a huge gap in the market for every company - from startup to large business - that wants do become data-driven especially in marketing. Though, we don’t think building the next analytics suite helps. We rather wanted to pro- vide a solution by which you can ask and answer every kind of custom question yourself. With a very direct SQL access to a highly scalable and secure data-warehouse,. You don’t even need to reserve more than a few hours of your valuable resources, incl. your developers. We set everything up and take care of running it smoothly afterwards - but it’s yours all the time. It’s your in-house data warehouse, not ours. After setup, we will be there to assist you in defining new queries and extent your initial setup (e.g. to other projects). What does ROItelligence cost (pricing)? You will be very happy to hear that our pricing is really straight forward. As consultancy / agency we charge the set up process, customization to your business, consulting and typically a technical maintenance fee afterwards to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. There is no typical SaaS monthly cost for the Big Marketing Data Warehouse itself except for running the infrastructure (which you don’t pay to us). Only the LeROI Data Pipeline is subject to a monthly fee if you want to use it. In sum, you save a huge amount of money in the long run in comparison to other solutions, because you don’t need to pay high monthly fees or creepy additional fees for raw data expots (if available at all). What’s the difference to (web) analytics software? You don’t need software but solutions. More expensive analytics prod- ucts are often overcrowded with a huge amount of features you will never use or sometimes even understand, but still pay for. Smaller, cheap or free software regularly only provides aggregated and no user-centric raw data or lacks the flexibility to be extended. However, both share the fact that they mostly answer common questions with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Example Dashboard: Automated Executive Marketing Dashboard (for retail)
  5. 5. more or less pretty user interfaces. Yes, some can be extended - but it’s often requires huge efforts for simple results. There’s a big market gap in between. ROItelligence uses a tremendously different approach - it provides you with all the necessary tools, data and raw data access to do these analyses on your own. You can even incorporate the under- lying data directly into your workflows. ROItelligence does not come as classic Software-as-a-Service, be- cause every business can profit from a tailored solution. With our ex- perts, we create a custom solution for maximum success. What’s the difference to other data-warehouses? While we employ modern, scalable and secure cloud technology to keep total cost of ownership low, ROItelligence is a solution for data- driven companies with focus on digital marketing. Technically, you can use it as a “plain simple” data-warehouse if you want to, but is designed to answer questions about customer journeys, marketing campaigns, product usage and so on. By choosing ROItelligence, you exclusively even get a full custom solution by marketing experts. Analytics con- sulting is our business, we ensure you get maximum out in return. How much resources do I need to block? Let’s face it: dealing with big amounts of data is a complex topic and usually requires heavy IT resources. We do the heavy work and only need your employees for a very, very limited amount of time. We mostly need some information about your current marketing setup and a bit of IT. Then, a couple of weeks later, everything is up and run- ning, customized to your business. How can I visualize data with ROItelligence? Is it built-in? ROItelligence does not come with built-in visualization software - and for a very good reason. If you already use a BI tool (like Tableau), you can simply continue using it. If you don’t have a tool to use, then we help you to choose the best tool exactly for your buinsess scenario. We maintain relations to world’s most known BI tools for attractive prices, but there is NO lock in for any BI software connected to the data warehouse. It is compatible to all major BI tools or visualization software out there. If you dont’t want to use a BI tool, you can always query the Big Marketing Data-Warehouse in plain SQL. Below, find an example management reporting. Why should I work with LeROI? LeROI is specialised in Marketing Intelligence. We offer consultancy and agency services. Our well-known clients trust us for a reason. With us, you don’t have a tool vendor but a partner that accompanies you on your journey. This means, you will additionally get trained about best practices from successful companies. Our experience is derived from working at and with some of the most successful digital leaders. Is ROItelligence Software-as-a-Service? ROItelligence combines the benefits of Software-as-a-Service and in- house solutions. While we take care of heavy technical work for you, you remain owner of the whole system. It runs in your environment, not ours. Only the LeROI Data Pipeline is an external application / pro- cess run by us due to technical limitations. The Data Pipeline pushes external data into you (own) Big Marketing Data-Warehouse. Again, everything else is yours. That’s why there are no SaaS like cost (see pricing question). Is ROItelligence ready to use? Yes, once the setup is finished you can actively start using it. Keep in mind that in return for the endless flexbility, you need to write SQL queries or use external BI visualization tools. We will however provide a set of custom SQL queries for the most interesting questions during setup and make sure your employees will get coached in becoming an expert user in little time. Learning curve is a bit more steep than in stan- dardized software. It’s like you get the incredients for a very tasty meal, but you need to cook it yourself instead of calling the pizza-boy. For data discovery and visualization, we partner with some of the world’s most well-known business intelligence companies. I already have a DWH, can I use ROItelligence? If you already have a data-warehouse, you can use ROItelligence as primary marketing / customer journey source of data. We assist you to feed its data into your existing solution if necessary. What technologies does ROItelligence use? We use state-of-the-art (private) cloud technologies to ensure super- high security, scalability and performance. All infrastructure is typically operated by Amazon in Ireland, data doesn’t leave the European Union. For special cases, it is also possible to host the solution in-house. We employ deep encryption for additional security and only you are white- listed for access. The whole solution scales with your business, as it is based on Big Data technologies like Hadoop and a massively parallel processing data-warehouse to handle terabytes of data with ease. What amount of data can it handle? The underlying infrastructure and software scales up to billions of re- cords with ease. Unless you reach petybytes of data - what you very likely will never ever do - there’s no need to worry. Furthermore, you can always add more computing resources to make it smoothly scale with your business. Is ROItelligence secure? By using super-high secured infrastructure and different layers of ac- cess control your data is very well protected. The setup includes multiple layers of encryption on network and data level - even the data-warehouse itself and all its backups are fully encrypted without the decryption key ever being stored anywhere in the same network. Strong firewalls ensure that only you can connect to your data-ware- house. Every access is logged and audited. For enterprise scenarios, we also offer virtual private clouds to connect ROItelligence via VPN tunnels to your corporate subnet. Is it the right time to invest in data-driven marketing? Absolutely yes! You get a tremendously better understanding of your valuable customers, can achieve higher ROIs and empower your whole organization with in-depth analyses. It is crucial to understand that having user-centric raw data available for analysis is completely different from using aggregated data from tools like Google Analytics. For an external discussion on this, you can have a look here: http://bit. ly/data-driven-marketing (in German). Wondering if ROItelligence is right for you? Interested in more information? Simply contact our team and we will be pleased to assist you: LeROI Online Marketing GmbH | Oranienstraße 6 | 10997 Berlin | Germany Managing Directors: Johannes Schatz, Christian Lubasch