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Document your rest api using swagger - Devoxx 2015


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This session will show you how you can easily document your REST API's using Spring & Swagger.

It will show you how to use the Swagger-Spring integration in a Spring Boot application:

Setup a basic REST API using Spring-Boot together with Swagger-Springfox
Access and test the REST-API using the Swagger-UI client
Generate client code stubs for your language (e.g. Java, PHP, Python, ...) using Swagger-Codegen
Graphically display your REST-API using the Chrome plugin Swagger.ed

Devoxx Belgium Nov. 2015

Published in: Technology
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Document your rest api using swagger - Devoxx 2015

  1. 1. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Document your REST-API and generate client-code using Swagger and Spring Johannes Fiala FWD
  2. 2. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger In the next few minutes you‘ll learn how to… • provide documentation for your REST-API • access your API with a browser using Swagger UI • generate client code for accessing your API • get a nice picture of your API services & models
  3. 3. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Swagger • A language-agnostic interface to REST APIs • allows to discover and understand the capabilities of a service • Swagger removes the guesswork in calling the service • Swagger renders the API docs in JSON syntax “A standardized way to describe an API in JSON syntax” Source:
  4. 4. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Technology stack • Spring • Spring Boot for fast start • Also possible for Spring REST applications • Springfox • For providing the dynamic api-docs • Swagger UI • For accessing the api using a browser • Swagger Codegen • For generating client code stubs
  5. 5. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Big Picture Your REST-API Springfox /v2/api-docs/ Swagger-UI /swagger/index.html Swagger- Codegen Client-Code Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, nodejs, Objective-C, …
  6. 6. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Springfox • Provide complete api-docs for every @RESTController • Services • Supported Verbs (GET/POST/…) • Request parameters/body • Response codes + body • Many customization options (hide attributes, custom data types, …)
  7. 7. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Swagger UI • Javascript application for accessing your complete REST API using a browser • Lists all services directly from the (dynamic) api-docs • Always consistent with your API!
  8. 8. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Swagger Codegen • Client code stub generator (commandline) • Generates client stubs (customizable!) • Supported languages: • Java, C#, Dart, Flash, Groovy, JaxRS, NodeJS, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, ….
  9. 9. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Why generate client code? • Ensure consistency of your client code with the API! • Makes code completion possible! • For service methods & model classes • Allows developers to read description for your operations and models in the IDE • You get compilation errors if the API breaks with newer versions!
  10. 10. Demo @YourTwitterHandle#Devoxx #Swagger
  11. 11. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Swagger Codegenerator • Code generation templates: • DefaultCodegenerator.generate(): • Scans Model Properties first • Then compliles the Mustache templates • Language specifics: • io.swagger.codegen.languages.* • Mustache files
  12. 12. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Wrapup • Springfox: provide api-docs • Completely dynamic & Always consistent • Swagger-UI: access api-docs using browser • make your api-docs easily acessible for testers/developers/… • Swagger-Codegen: generate client stubs • Get code completion • Keep your clients in sync • Swagger.Ed: display your API graphically
  13. 13. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Enable Swagger/Springfox • Add dependencies • Add @EnableSwagger2 to Application • Run your spring application
  14. 14. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Springfox annotations • Controller: • @Api • Operations: • @ApiOperation – describe your service • @ApiResponse – Define error codes • Model: • @ApiModel(„description“) • @ApiModelProperty: description + required-flag • @JsonIgnore
  15. 15. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Swagger-UI • Ship together with your REST-service • Makes accessing your services easy • Protect the Swagger-UI if applicable
  16. 16. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Use Swagger Codegen • Call using the commandline • Integrate with your build environment (e.g. using Ant)
  17. 17. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Swagger.Ed • Chrome Plugin for visually displaying you API • Allows users to graphically explore through your services & models • Nice for „Big picture“ of your API
  18. 18. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Who is using Swagger? • Paypal • Microsoft • Amazon AWS API gateway: • importer/ • You can import Swagger definitions here • You can manage your services using Amazon AWS then
  19. 19. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger More sessions about Swagger • Thursday BOF 21:00-22:00: How to get code completion for existing REST APIs using Swagger (e.g. Facebook Graph API) • Come if you like to see how this can be done! • Demo with Facebook Graph API
  20. 20. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Links & Resources • • integrations • Springfox
  21. 21. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Links & Resources • Swagger UI • Swagger Codegen • Chrome Plugin Swagger.ed swaggered
  22. 22. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Questions ???
  23. 23. @johannes_fiala#Devoxx #Swagger Thank you for your attention! • Contact: •