QA or Test? Does it Matter? You Bet it Does!


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QA or Test? Does it Matter? You Bet it Does!

Some of us are called QA. Some of us are called test. Whether we are managers, analysts, engineers, whatever, does it really matter what our first “name” is?

Yes. It matters, because it sets expectations in the rest of the organization. When we call ourselves “quality assurance,” we set ourselves up for assuring product quality. When we call ourselves testers, we set ourselves up for testing.

How can we live up to those expectations—whatever they are? What happens if we don’t?

These are the slides from Johanna Rothman's keynote from Belgium Testing Days 2012.

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QA or Test? Does it Matter? You Bet it Does!

  1. 1. QA or Test? Does it Matter? You Bet it Does! Johanna RothmanNew: Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects @johannarothman 781-641-4046
  2. 2. What’s in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet. 2 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  3. 3. 3 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  4. 4. Gather Some DataHow many of you have How many of you have“Quality” in your job titles? “Test” in your job titles?How many of you measure How many of you measurefor process improvement? for process improvement?How many of you do How many of you doprocess improvement? process improvement? 4 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  5. 5. Feedback is What MattersDoes your work provide feedback to the project teamand the business people for release decisions?Does the project team obtain sufficient feedback abouttheir work to be able to improve it? 5 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  6. 6. Things That Don’t “Matter”Anyone in the project team making the release decision Business decisionAnyone in the project team owning defect data Because it’s a lagging indicator Multi-dimensional project data matters 6 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  7. 7. What is Software?Design activityTest and development need to partner 7 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  8. 8. Is It Possible to Assure Software Product Quality? 8 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  9. 9. Test and Dev Form a Partnership“We are all developers; some of our code ships, somestays” 9 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  10. 10. Real Quality AssuranceMore like Internal Affairs Audit the process Don’t do the workSeparate from Test 10 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  11. 11. HeresyProcess improvement needs to be owned by the peopledoing the work, not by an outside group 11 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  12. 12. Our Names Set Other People’s Expectations of Us 12 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  13. 13. Expectations All the Way Up/Down the Organization: Who owns product quality if the testers are called “QA”? 13 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  14. 14. Look at the Project Pyramid 14 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  15. 15. Everything About a Project is a Business DecisionTime to Release is a business decisionFeature set is a business decisionDefect levels are a business decision... 15 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  16. 16. Product Quality is a Business Decision 16 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  17. 17. Quality Depends on Market Position 17 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  18. 18. Product Complexity Leads to Different Product Quality Decisions 18 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  19. 19. Who is Responsible for Quality?Senior management 19 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  20. 20. What Do You Think You Should Be Called, Now?What does the organization expect of you?What do you expect of yourself?How congruent are those expectations? 20 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
  21. 21. References and More ReadingTons more on jrothman.comIf you’d like me to stay in touch with you, give me yourcard, sign up for my email newsletter or email me to signyou up.I’ll be putting these slides up on slideshare. 21 © 2012 Johanna Rothman