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Finding Your Niche - presentation deck

  1. 1. © 2018, zeet consulting incorporated finding your niche
  2. 2. (some) methodologies & purposes research method purpose/outcome
  3. 3. market research what can I learn from what the internet & media say?
  4. 4. competitive analysis what are my competitors doing and how I can I do better than them?
  5. 5. social media analysis what signals are people sharing about my industry and customers?
  6. 6. audience surveys what are my customer’s characteristics, and how frequently are they present?
  7. 7. contextual inquiry how does someone deal with this today? what does that actually look like?
  8. 8. generative research what is my customer’s story, in their own voice, and what can I learn from it?
  9. 9. card sorting how do my customers differ based on the priority of their needs or preferences? how can I respond to that information?
  10. 10. recommended reading