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Roman brigde in Patras/Achaia, EN

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Roman bridge en

  1. 1.  It was built at the 2nd -3rd c. A.D. on Kallinaos river whose banks are now located at about 100 meters southern of the original location. It was c. 21 meters long and c. 4 meters high. There is an older one-arch-bridge dated at about the 1st c. A.D., which is smaller, made of “porolithoi”. There are also built up walls along the banks as also the river bed paved with slabs and fragments from older buildings. Recent excavations (2001) revealed the old bed of the river, right under the bridge. It was also made clear, that the bed of the river was aligned in a straight way to reach “Kavouri” beach, in Agyia, which also was the mouth of the river in prehistoric times.
  2. 2. Arch (detail)
  3. 3. There was a roman road passing over the bridge, connecting Patras toAigio. It is paved with flagstones. Marks of the ancient carriages are stillvisible.
  4. 4. (In use since August 2004)