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  1. 1. Horror TrailerQuestionnaire Results Created on Survey Monkey
  2. 2. I asked the public whether they liked watching horror movies. I did this sothat it helps me to know how popular this genre of film is and also whetherthe people who were answering my questionnaire were the relevant peopleto answer it. For example, if the majority of people said they didn’t likewatching horror movies, then my questionnaire would be pointless becausethen most of the answers will probably have been made up.
  3. 3. I then asked the participants what their favourite sub-genre of horror movie was. I found out that psychological and comedy horror were the most popular, meaning that when it comes to creating our horror movie trailer, we would preferably fit it into one of these categories.I also created a box saying‘other, please specify’ wherethe audience had the choiceto write down any type ofsub-genre which I did notinclude. From the results, itseems that a couple of peopledidn’t really have a preferenceof a sub-genre of horror andone person also said theirfavourite is a paranormalhorror movie. From theseresults, it concludes that themost popular are comedyhorror and psychological.
  4. 4. The next question I asked the participants, was if they feel more sympathy towards avictim who is of similar age to them. I felt that this was a relevant question to askbecause, we want our trailer to be as appealing as possible and if the audience get morescared and drawn into the film if the victim is of similar age, then it is important for us totake that into consideration. The results showed that it was very close between the tworesponses, yet it does show that overall, generally people do feel more sympathy towardsa victim if they are of similar age, yet it is not of vital importance. I also feel that theaudience will be able to relate to the victim more if they are of similar age, so maybe it isa little bit important to have them of a similar age to my target audience.
  5. 5. My next question was if the public like it when a horror movie trailer makesthem jump. The vast majority of participants said that they like it when ahorror movie trailer makes them jump. This emphasises how important thetension and suspense is to make a trailer successful. If the participants statethat it is important for them for a trailer to make them jump, then thismeans that when it comes to making our trailer we will have to add in somejumpy sections and different cuts to make it as appealing for the audienceas possible.
  6. 6. In my next question, I aimed to find out how important the use of sound was in ahorror movie trailer and whether it had an important impact. The results showeda positive correlation and it was clear to see that the majority of participantsfound the impact of sound highly important. Therefore this means that whenmaking our trailer we need to ensure that the sound is effective, so that theaudience are drawn in.
  7. 7. I then wanted to know what the participants thought would be the most important features of a horror movie trailer. I wanted to know this so that when it comes to making our trailer, I make sure that I include the things which the audience want to see in a trailer and what they find important.The results show that the participants feel that it is important to include a lot of tensionand suspense in the horror movie trailer and it is very clear to see that this is moreimportant than anything else. This means that when it comes to making the trailer, sothat the audience are attracted to our trailer, we should include a vast amount of thingsto create tension and suspense, so that the audience want to watch more.
  8. 8. I then felt that it wasimportant to ask theparticipants where theirfavourite place is to have thehorror movie set. I felt thatthis would help me whendeciding what location to usefor our horror movie trailer.The results show that one ofthe most favourite places for atrailer to be set is in a house.This could be because of thefact that a house createsrealism. Also, the woods werean important location for ahorror movie to be set. I willtake all of this into accountwhen making our trailer. I alsoincluded another ‘otherplease specify’ section forparticipants to write their ownlocation if needed.
  9. 9. Finally, I asked the participants what they thought about the inserts that are includedin a horror movie trailer. I wanted to know whether the audience were interested andtook notice of them when watching the trailer, to give me an idea of how many toinclude in my trailer and how important they are. I found out from the results thatthe results were quite mixed and that the majority of people sometimes read theinserts when watching the trailer. This shows that I should definitely include somebecause the results were mixed and I feel that it is important for them to be there sothat the audience have a choice whether to read them or not.