My magazine ideology


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My magazine ideology

  1. 1. My Magazine IdeologyFirst of all, the market research really helped me shape my thinking about what to include in mymagazine. I learnt that most people would rather go to gigs than clubs; this means that I shouldinclude information about gigs/tour dates that are coming up. Also I found out that the majorityof people tend to notice the images before anything else, therefore I will have to make surethat the images really stand out and grab the reader’s attention. My market research showedthat generally people would be willing to pay £2 to £3 for a magazine, so i will sell my magazinein this price range. I learnt that most people get their music online and also the majority listento music on an iPod/portable device. 92% of people said that they would buy their magazines inshops; this means that I will definitely distribute my magazine in shops. Finally I found out thatgenerally readers appreciate/enjoy a free gift with the magazine, therefore I will try to include afree gift to satisfy the customers, so that they will want to buy it more often.I’ve decided that I am going to have IPC media as my publishing company. I feel that there is aniche in the market for my magazine there because my magazine is an Indie/Alternative musicmagazine mainly aimed at young women. IPC media only produce NME and although NME is apopular, huge selling magazine, I feel that mine would differ from NME in the way that I willaim it at mostly young, women. Also the fact that there is only one main music magazinepublished by IPC means that there will be room for another one. For example Bauer Mediacompany has 3 really big selling magazines within their company; Mojo, Kerrang and Q,whereas IPC only has 1 at the moment.My magazine will differ in the way that it will be very unique. It will introduce new bands, butalso talk loads about all the popular alternative/indie bands and artists at the time. IPC havestated that NME is aimed at mostly men, my magazine will be different in the way I will mainlyaim it at mostly young women. Also considering the fact that 2/3 of women buy magazinesfrom IPC, means that there is a high chance women will want to buy my magazine. Mymagazine will stand out from the crowd.My inspirations were magazines like Q and NME. Mainly because the genre of music theyproduce is very similar to mine. Also I like layout of them and I like the fact that they are uniquein their own ways. I tend to read these magazines and I feel inspired by them. Another reasonwhy they inspire me so much is because of the fact that they are such big, selling magazinesand so popular out in different countries, I would love my magazine to be as huge at selling astheirs.The message and purpose behind my magazine is purely the music. I want the music in mymagazine to inspire young women. I want them to read it and feel excited towards theirfavourite artists and bands. I want to get across the message that music can change the world,music can change people’s lives and I want the reader’s to feel part of that change.