Minutes 7th november 2012


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Minutes 7th november 2012

  1. 1. Minutes Wednesday 7th November 2012PresentTarun KnappJohanna FryerSijanta ThapaItems to be discussed-What we need to do – more filming?- establishing shots- More set dates for filming- getting help from friends (facebook scene and acting)- Who does what when it comes to filming and organisingWhat we did today - We decided more set dates for filming our scenes (today, Friday and Sunday) - We filmed the establishing shots of house and bedroom, using 3 different camera shots for each - More footage of equilibrium (year book falling) so that the filming looks more continuous - We discussed our victim scene, when to film it (Friday) and where to film it (Tarun’s dining room), where to meet our actor and also what props and items we need on the day (fake blood, knife, make up, mobile etc) - We talked about getting someone (a technician student) to help us film our facebook scene, so that it looks as professional as possible. - We talked about who is doing what (We all direct and give ideas, Sid filmed the first victim scene, Tarun filmed equilibrium, Johanna will film the second victim scene and we will all contribute to editing)Action points - We need to film the last victim scene with our actress, Abbie, this Friday - We need to talk to Stuart (technician student) about helping us film the facebook scene, maybe on Sunday - We need to discuss and start our editing