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Incidious poster


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Incidious poster

  1. 1. Colours:-The overall appearance is quite dark;however the eyes on the child are light whichmakes him the centre focus. His eyes looklike smashed glass, which is a symbol ofdanger and it makes us wonder why andbrings us to ask questions like ‘is he thevictim?’ or ‘is he the villain?’-Also the boy is wearing a red top, redresembles: evil, blood, death, hell, dangerand warning.-A vigrette has been used, so our eyes arefocussed on the main thing (which is the boy)which is because the outside of the poster isdark.Rule of thirds:The boy is centred in the middleof the frame; this shows that heis main character. In addition hiseyes are in line with the middle(the reader) which draws theviewer in.Background:-The back ground introduces the location of the film; we can see that the house is standing alone which thereader assumes is isolated as we can’t see another building. In addition there are trees which suggest thatwoods are nearby, signifying loneliness.-The grey clouds represent darkness and a storm, this resembles something terrifying is coming.-Also, in the left window, we see a shadow of a person. This shadow doesn’t reveal itself to us straightaway, as it is difficult to notice, therefore when we do notice it, we are scared even more and we get asense of the terror we are to expect in this film.Heading:The title Insidious inform the viewerthat the film is of the horror genre,insidious means entrapped,intending to harm and treacherousFont:The font shows that the subgenre isn’t horror, however is doessuggest that it could be psychological/ super natural. The whitemakes it stand out, this symbolises purity and innocence. The fontsize signifies its importance, for example the largest font is the titlewhich shows the importance of the word ‘insidious’ and itssignificance to the film.The words ‘Saw’ and ‘Paranormal activity’ are larger which makesthe reader associate insidious which other victorious films.The quote by a viewer emphasises the heightened levels of terrorwhilst watching the film, therefore the views will want to watch it.Text:-‘From the makers of Saw and Paranormalactivity’ this quote informs the reader ofsimilar film/ styles of horror. The quotemakes reader acknowledge the directorssuccess therefore leading them to believethat insidious in turn in most likely to be asuccessful film, causing the reader to wantto watch the film.-Also we see a pull quote, with a rating of 5stars. The pull quote has the words ‘soscary’ and ‘sheer terror’ in capital letters,therefore making it stand out, the readerswill see this and automatically want towatch the film because they know that itwill be scary, which is the point of a horrormovie. The 5 stars also emphasizes the factthat this will be a successful film as statedby other viewers.-Placed at the bottom of the poster is thebilling block, including importantinformation about the making of the filmand about how to find out more about thefilm (eg. Website address). This is in smallfont, because it is not usually whatpromotes the film and advertises the filmbut it is there just incase people do want toknow more, it is not of high importance formaking the film appeal to people.-Underneath the heading is a tagline forthe film giving the readers an insight to thefilm and scaring them even more, the factthat it says ‘ITS NOT THE HOUSE THAT’SHAUNTED’ leads the readers to want toknow what actually is haunted. The taglineis also in green font, bringing it to benoticeable, even though it is small font, thefact that it is green means that the readerswon’t miss it.