Front Cover Analysis


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Front Cover Analysis

  1. 1. Front Cover Analysis I decided to call my magazine Unseen. The I chose to include a skyline on my reason for this is because; it represents the magazine front cover. This is mainly dueThe masthead (title) is placed to the music, artists and news which will be to the fact that it is a convention thattop, left hand side of the magazine in included in this magazine, which will have most music magazines do have. Mythe biggest font on the page. People never been seen before. People like to read skyline advertises free posters. Aftergenerally read from left to right, things which nobody else will know about, doing my ideal readertherefore it will be one of the first so they feel like they are part of something different. Calling this magazine Unseen will questionnaire/market research, I foundthings people will see. It is in bright catch the reader’s attention and lead them that quite a high percentage of magazineorange, which corresponds with the to want to read on to find out what they buyers like and appreciate a free gift. Ihouse style/colour scheme of my are missing out on. Also it is only 2 am advertising free posters. The wordmagazine. The bright orange colour will syllables, meaning that it is very short and free has an exclamation mark after it tograb the reader’s attentions and draw snappy and will stick in people’s heads. express the excitement thereforethem in, leading it to stick in their heads drawing the reader’s in. It is placed justso that they remember this magazine above the masthead, but in much smallerand want to buy it again. font so that it doesn’t lead the reader’sDirectly underneath the masthead is a away from what is most important. Oncatchy tag line the number one music the right of the skyline and masthead ismagazine. This is a statement which I chose two images of some posters which mayto use to convey my brand in just a few be included, so that the audience get awords. People will see this and will be feel of what they will be offered leadingdrawn in because they will see that it is them to want to buy it.considered to be one of the best musicmagazines. Everybody wants the best,therefore reading the number one music The colour scheme of my magazine is black,magazine means that they are reading the white and orange. I chose these coloursbest. Also directly next to the tagline is the because, black and white go with any otherdate of this magazine, so that the reader’s colour but also look very professional andcan make sure that they are reading up to classy. Orange is a very bright, eye catchingdate information. These are written in very colour, so it will draw the reader’s in. It cansmall font, so that the reader’s aren’t drawn be considered a unique colour representingaway from the most important features, yet the uniqueness of the people reading myit is still big enough to read. magazine bringing them to feel part of it.I’ve included four cover lines and a Barcode, price and issue number are placed at the bottom, left of the page inmain cover line. These are in the small font. This is not the most important so that’s why it is placed at the I included asame colour font to correspond with bottom of the page so that it is not the most noticeable thing. I also included a plus sectionthe colour scheme so that the page web address of my magazine, so people can be connected and keep up to date and an unseendoesn’t look too cluttered. I’ve with the magazine.included these cover lines because it bands sectionis a convention which all magazines The image I took for the front cover of my magazine is a three quarter length with a list ofhave so that the reader’s can have a shot and the model I used is holding a bass guitar. A three quarter length shot is the names ofglimpse of what will be inside good to use because the audience can see body language, as well as clothes and bands. Thisbringing them to want to read the facial expressions. She is wearing ripped tights with shorts, a black cardigan and will grab therest of the story, meaning that they a t shirt. These are fairly scruffy clothes, which relates to the indie/rock genre of reader’swill buy the magazine. The main music I am presenting which also can be considered scruffy. Her light ginger hair attentioncover line is placed over the image, and orange line on her top corresponds with the black, white and orange colour because theyso that it is in the centre meaning scheme of my magazine. Also my model is giving direct eye contact to thethat it is very noticeable because it is will want to audience, grabbing their attention and making them feel as if they are a part ofthe main story. The name of the read about the magazine straight away drawing them in so that they want to read more.artist is the second biggest font on their favourite The fact that she is holding a bass guitar also means that the reader’s will bethe front cover so that it will draw drawn in because the in my chosen genre of music a bass guitar is one of the bands and seethe reader’s in to the main story so main instruments used, therefore seeing a bass guitar means that people will which bandsthat they want to read more. connect with her and get a sense of the music portrayed. are included.