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3rd contents page

  1. 1. 3RD CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSISThis contents page is very unique. There is no specific title for The title is written in large, black, bold font The contents column isthis contents page, and the name of the magazine is used and placed at the top, right of the page. It is divided into 3 differentinstead. It doesn’t follow the general conventional ways of a very noticeable because it is placed on a sections. This means thatmagazine. Contents pages usually have a title such as clear, white background, meaning that it the reader’s can go‘contents’ or ‘what’s inside’. This goes against the stereotype stands out and will catch the reader’s eye. straight to the sectionof a typical contents page and is unique, linking with the music The editor wants it to be noticeable, so that which appeals to themwhich is illustrated in ‘Mojo’, which is also unique. The name people know what magazine they are the most, whether it beof the magazine is used so that the reader’s become familiar reading and remember the name, so that the ‘regular’ stuff, hotwith the name of the magazine bringing it to stick in their they will want to buy it again. news or music. The threeheads, which will bring them to want to buy it more often. columns are separated by 3 different headings. The headings are in dark orange which means thatThe colour scheme of this contents the reader’s will be drawnpage is consistent with the house to them because theystyle and colour scheme of the stand out the mostwhole magazine. The main colours compared to all the otherused are black and white. This writing.creates a sophisticated lookbecause black and white can lookclassy next to any other colour The column has the page number onused. The editor wants the the left in light orange and to themagazine to look more right of the page number a subsophisticated than other heading in bold, black writing.magazines, so that people will see it Underneath the sub-heading is aas a better quality magazine, sentence giving a little informationbringing them to want to buy it about what that article will be about.above all the other magazines. The page number is in light orangeSome of the writing has also been bringing it to stand out and bewritten in orange, this is done to noticeable so that the reader’s aren’tbring a bit of life to the contents confused about what page they needpage, and also to bring some to go to. The sub-heading is in bolderexcitement. Orange also stands out writing than the informationabove the black and white, which underneath because it is moremeans that it will catch the reader’s important, therefore it needs toeye. stand out. The sentence underneath is in smaller, lighter font so that it doesn’t draw attention away from what is most important on the At the bottom of the contents page aOn the left of the contents page, there are 5 images contents page. section about the contributors has beencluttered around. The images are very different and included. There is an image of therepresent different articles in the magazine. The images In really tiny font, right in the bottom contributor, their name in bold, blackare there to inform the reader’s of what is going to be left corner of the contents page is writing, and then a text about them.in the magazine, also to attract the reader and catch the name of the magazine once This has been included so that thetheir eye. Images are usually the most noticeable thing again. It can be easily missed but reader’s can find out about who actuallyin a magazine and people are attracted to images above when the reader goes to turn the contribrutes towards the magazine andother things. The images have a small bit of information page they might see it and be maybe even be inspired by the peoplein very, small font and alongside it a page number with reminded of the name of the who write them because their magazineit. It looks as if the first image is one of the main articles magazine. This will bring them to is so successful. The reason it is placedbecause it is placed at the top, right of the page and remember it and want to buy it right at the bottom of the page is so thatone of the first things the reader will see. again. it doesn’t draw the reader’s away from what the magazine is actually about.