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2nd contents page


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2nd contents page

  1. 1. Magazines generally have a colour 2ND CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSISscheme and house style which runsconstantly throughout the magazine. The editor has chosen to put the name of the magazine in The issue number is placed in smallQ has carried this out and used red, a red banner at the top left of the contents page. ‘Q’ is in font at the right of the title. It isblack and white for the contents page, large, white font on a red banner. The white contrasts with there, just so people know whatwhich is consistent with the house the red, therefore stands out and catches the readers eye. number magazine they have got. Itstyle for this magazine. The colour red The editor wants people to see the name of the magazine, is small so that it doesn’t drawrepresents the danger and rebellion of that’s why it is placed at the top, left of the page, because people away from the importantthe music, which may relate to the people read from left to right, so it will be seen first. He things.people reading it. Also red is very does this so that it will stick in their mind thus bringing them to buy the magazine more often. The editor has used a conventionalbright and stands out, therefore name for the contents page, which ispeople will not want to skip this page, ‘contents’. Many magazines tend tobecause it will catch their eye. The use this title for the contents page,white and black are neat, and look mainly based on the fact that thefairly sophisticated. The colours go reader’s straight away know whatwell together and don’t look tacky or they are looking at. Contents are acheap. vital part of a magazine becauseThis contents page just has one column reader’s like to skip straight to theirof information. This is the ‘features’ favourite artist, instead of flickingcolumn. The numbers are placed at the through each page to find it. Alsoleft of the heading. Underneath the reader’s like to know what is in theirnumber and heading is a sentence magazine, so the title ‘contents’ willgiving a little information on what the attract the reader straight awayarticle is all about. This will inform the because it’s what they want to see.reader, allowing the reader to decide There are 3 smaller images on thiswhether the article will interest them contents page. There is an image ofand whether they will want to read it. The Beatles in the ‘features’ columnThe numbers and headings are in bold, with the first page number andblack font, which contrasts with the heading. This is included just sowhite background, making it easy to people have an insight to the insideread. However the sentence of the magazine, and also becauseunderneath is in smaller, black font so The Beatles are a well known band,that it doesn’t draw attention away therefore people may be drawn tofrom the main images and main this image.headings. Most magazines wouldinform the readers of what is on most The main image is of the great musician, Matt Bellamy from Muse. It isof the pages in the magazine; however The other two images a ¾ length shot, which allows the reader to see what he, is wearing, asI have noticed that in this contents are placed nearer to well as see his body language and facial expressions. He is wearing apage, Q only let people know what is the bottom of the silver suit Jacket, with a shirt and tie, along with some sunglasses. Thisgoing to be in the second half of the contents page because is a very sleek kind of look, making him seem stylish and in control. Hemagazine. This may not satisfy the they are less is wearing sunglasses to cover up his eyes; this makes him seemreaders. important and the different because you don’t generally see men wearing silver suits with editor does not wantThe layout of this page is fairly sunglasses. The fact that Matt Bellamy is portrayed as different/unique the reader’s to beorganized, but in some ways it does conveys the genre of music represented and also relates to many of drawn away from thelook a bit cluttered due to the images the reader’s who are also different/unique. Matt is looking towards the main image/the mainplaced on top of each other. The clutter ‘feature’ column, and because the main image is usually the first thing story of the magazine.of the page relates to the genre of the the reader’s see, means that they will be drawn to where he is looking, Plenty of images aremusic, because the music also sounds a also leading the reader to follow him and look at the ‘features’ column. included becausebit cluttered, which may also relate to The page number for this image is in large, white font at the top right readers are attractedthe reader who may be a cluttered of the image. The white font contrasts with the black background to images.person. bringing it to stand out, so that people who like Matt Bellamy will see it and automatically turn to that page.