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Big ideas, small steps:


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Presented by Johan Mijs and Lotte De Bruyne @ New Technologies for New Audiences in Vooruit, Gent (December 6 2011)

Published in: Technology, Education
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Big ideas, small steps:

  1. 1. BIG idea(l)s SMALL steps CHANGING environment casekoen.vandendriessche
  2. 2. = government organisation for the digital library
  3. 3. = 300 public libraries in Flanders
  4. 4. public libraries are places
  5. 5. public libraries provide access toa diverse and up to date collection for the general public
  6. 6. what about libraries in the digital world?existential questions: online ergo sum
  7. 7. no digital public lending rights start negotiating
  8. 8. start business modelingspecifics: small population, small language, small advertising market
  9. 9. Taking small steps (piecemeal engineering) NEED TO SHOW THINGS To users To libraries To administration and politiciansTo content providers and creative industryCan trigger FAIL and EVOLUTION
  10. 10. music is a forerunner e-books?
  11. 11. Positioning?Libraries non-commercially stimulate, spread and give democraticand guaranteed access to culture – also on the internet? / what is the difference? / who else? / what added value?
  12. 12. DigiLeen DRM protected downloads (2007)
  13. 13. DigiLeen streaming (upgrade, 2011)
  14. 14. (2011)
  15. 15. What is Digitized cd collection of 1 pilot library Streaming player (30s – full track) Library card number login Limited use of 10 hours/monthSubjective metadata (moods, bpm, hardness, genres, ...) and recommender of Aristo Music API recommender Integration into library search engine
  16. 16. extreme user testing = 14-25 year olds
  17. 17. 10 interviews of 75 minutes context, test, evaluation
  18. 18. setting in BOHO, Ghent (sewing/knitting café) open, relax, non-conformist experience
  19. 19. Ladda vzw •  centre of expertise on (youth / new) culture •  research + (artistic) projects •  grassroots, bottom up, qualitative
  20. 20. ...
  21. 21. Frustration - radio or a musical trip?
  22. 22. first impression •  WOW suprise •  I totally did not expect this from a library •  I couldn t imagine anything, but this is better then anything I could have imagined. •  after first use: many questions, comments, tips, ... •  very different and personal: some patterns!
  23. 23. computer says NOusability efficiency
  24. 24. •  All of a sudden, these strange numbers appear ... •  This next button is making me insane, I just can t seem to figure out what it does exactly. Grrrr •  If you use backspace, you log out of the system, and you can not go back to your search history.
  25. 25. screen lay out •  Could be bigger, too much scrolling •  Page system does not work right. Page with one result is ridiculous. Maybe you could use infinity scroll ... •  I like to choose how many items I can see on a page. Like on webshops ...
  26. 26. mainstreamfear •  it would be OK for my mom ... •  It s not complete, totally not, and it s not possible to listen to all of the songs in the collection, strange ... frustrating .... •  Only those typical artists, nothing underground
  27. 27. •  too many filters •  not the right ones •  very confusing
  28. 28. •  I prefer to click in stead of drowning in possibilities. •  Soo much information, it takes a while till you understand ... •  Filter is cool but too many irrelevant elements: language, tempo, atmosphere •  so many filter - options but not the simple ones you need. Artists, albums, songs ... •  What does happy, energetic or cosy mean? •  A bit more google in the search engine please.
  29. 29. time travellingin decades please!
  30. 30. functionality
  31. 31. •  I would use it if it has an impressive COMPLETE content. Including rare things you can not find elsewhere. •  a good idea to combine other music applications like Last Fm •  I would really use it if you can have a personalised account •  I would use it to make playlists, but that is not possible now ... •  I would like to use it on my I pod ...
  32. 32. •  from my home, bedroom is cool! •  to discover music •  perfect for musiclovers who want to be informed •  an extra music service besides others •  perfect for things that are not worthwile downloading, ... shameful things, memory lane •  I would use it if it s free •  If my mom would pay for it ...
  33. 33. look en feel •  not horrible •  Simple, sober. OK •  classic •  Not really attractive. Maybe a bit more sleek? •  it s more important that it works fast and easy. If it s fast, I m not bothered by the look •  It has a bit of a government - style but that s OK for a library •  Youtube does not look hip and fresh. But people love it and use it anyway
  34. 34. Some conclusions, mechanisms ... •  it s a good idea, but there s a long way to go ...
  35. 35. efficiency •  clear •  simple •  fast •  logic •  OR GONE
  36. 36. the simpler, the better ... •  applies not only to young users
  37. 37. head check •  leave the head of the librarian
  38. 38. clean search + serendipity •  add accidental and personalised content
  39. 39. filters !!! •  endless content: filter focus •  consumer = selection library = filter management
  40. 40. Bib fm assets •  extended collection (new + old, mainstream + rare) •  independent solid •  fine - free •  local + international
  41. 41. challenge = •  Get rid of the bad part of the classical image and keep the good authentic elements and character! + add innovative, high - tech functional
  42. 42. the pace of innovation exceeds our understanding the greatest value is in the mass placeWorld Creativity Forum 2011 / Malcolm the organisation that Gladwell makes the most out of the innovations, has the last slide resources least