Getting Free Publicity, more Tips


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What about your online presense? Are you
making a ton of money with that? Did you
ever think you could?

You may not realize this but you are
in the same shoes just as millions of other
entrepreneurs and business people. They
started a business with the dream of
making millions from it.

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Getting Free Publicity, more Tips

  1. 1. Here are Great Tips for Getting Free Publicity-Part 2 are more great tips you can use to get free publicity.Tip #4Offer interesting and surprising facts about your business. For instance, if youre acomputer consultant and you know something about computers that not too manypeople know about, you could write an article about it.Any time you write about something intriguing, interesting, or informative, themedia want to know about it. They will give you all the publicity you can handle.Write an article about something you know that has never been told before, andpublish it online or in the local paper. Make sure to contact the media about it.Before long reporters will be beating down your door for an exclusive.Tip #5Piggyback off a national story. For example, one business took advantage of therecession and made a ton of money by doing so.When there is a downturn in the economy, businesses are doing everything theycan to stay afloat. They will cut back on expenses. If you can provide provenstrategies that will boost your profit potential, even during slow times, and youadvertise it, business people will want to know what you did to get there. Themedia will also want to know, since many media channels become affected by thedownturn as well.Find something that people want, and apply that in your business. For example, itdoesn’t matter how bad the economy gets, people still need food, clothing, andshelter. If you can satisfy any of these needs, you will gain much in income. Thebig benefit to this is that the media will also pick up your story and advertise it.Once your story hits the paper, you will begin to see a huge amount of trafficcoming into your store or business.Tip #6
  2. 2. Tie your business to holidays or special events. For example, if you have abusiness that will help relieve stress at Christmas time, tell the media about it.Make sure to let the media know you plan on giving out gift certificates as well, ifyou make them available.Anything that is for holidays, special events, or that will help consumers deal withstress is always something that the media will eat up. They will take great strides tocover such stories.You can write a story about what your business does that tie into the holidays orspecial events, and send it to newspapers for publishing. Or you can publish it onyour own site and send a release, letting the media know about it. Or, if you dosomething physical, contact the media and let them know what you do and whenyou will do it so they will be there to cover it.