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Contacting Script (English)


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Contacting Script (English)

  1. 1. Hello ___________, this is __________. Have I caught you at a good time? If “no” When will be a good time to call you back? If “yes” Great, well the reason I am calling is, have you heard of MonaVie TEAM yet? “No” It is a wellness product that’s got a national buzz about it right now, in fact, this is going so fast that it hit a billion dollars faster than eBay and Amazon did. Anyway I am working with some great people bringing it to market and I thought of you. I can not promise anything, but I’d like to get together and discuss the details. How is _________night at ______am/pm. “What is it?” It’s a wellness product that’ll make a lot more sense when I bring you some. How’s _________ at ______am/pm. “Is this one of those pyramid deals?” Have you heard of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant? (“yes” or “no”) It’ll make a lot more sense when we get together. How is _________ at _______am/pm. “Is this network marketing?” Have you heard of Michael Dell’s three C’s? (“yes” or “no”) It will make a lot of sense when we get together. How is ________ at ________am/pm. More questions… Well, I tell you ________. It does not sound like you are looking right now. Why don’t we just forget it? If you ever change your mind, give me a call. “Yes” Great! So you are drinking it then? “Yes” - Have you learned how to make money from it as well? “No” - I’ll have to bring you some! You won’t believe it.
  2. 2. How is ________at _______a/pm?