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Don't Get Eaten by Your Competition - Stay Alive


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Denver area based Newsletter program designed for insurance agents. This includes a do-it-for you program designed to help insurance agents retain customers. Newsletters are a great marketing tool for staying in front of existing clients and getting more referrals. Small business often can't do it all. We'll add fresh content, send reminders to your customers, talk about Denver area events. This is not just the same old email newsletter program. Plus we can even create postcards as part of the marketing campaign. If you are outside of Denver, give us a call as well. We can customize it for you.

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Don't Get Eaten by Your Competition - Stay Alive

  1. 1. Don’t get eaten by your competition.Stop losing clients!IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE!Newsletter ProgramDesigned forInsurance Agents12013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  2. 2. On the Average, Insurance Agents Lose11% of Clients YearlyThat doesn’t sound toobad, does it Let’s behonest.It’s not easy to replace clientsif it’s all about price.Plus it’s easier to keep yourexisting customers.22013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  3. 3. STAY in FRONT of your clients consistentlyso they get to know, like you,REMEMBER & TRUST you.The Personal Side of Business32013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  4. 4. Creative eNewsletter Program& Great West Restoration Helps You● Increase customerretention● Get more referrals● Be the first point ofcontact● Be “top of mind”● Manage your clients’insurance costs42013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  5. 5. We’ll:● Provide quality assurance with our pre-claiminspection save your agency time and money● Discover more up-sell opportunities wheninspecting possible damage● Prevent you or your customer beingpenalized for false claims● Create positive rapport with clients aboutyour agency52013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  6. 6. Ultimate12 eNewsletters & 6 eNotes*You want todominate it, stayin front of yourcustomers andbuild the bestinsurance brand62013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  7. 7. You have a prettygood relationshipwith yourcustomers andwant tostrengthen itDynamic6 eNewsletters & 4 eNotes*72013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  8. 8. Robust4 eNewsletters & 2 eNotes*You have greatrapport withyour clients butneed to stay“top of mind”82013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  9. 9. Call to Action & About Your Agency92013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  10. 10. Quick Email Reminders/NotesBEWARE - Storm Season Is HERE & So are Storm Chasers!Contact me first if you experience any type of damage to yourinsured property. Keep your insurance costs down with my new“pre-inspection” service. We’ll make it as worry-free as possible!BEWARE of unethical contractors and storm chasers! They’reeverywhere and are just interested in their best interests - notYOURS!Thank you!Joan SmithYour Insurance Agent102013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  11. 11. Random Fun Facts/Notes112013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  12. 12. Quotes/Notes122013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  13. 13. Denver Area Coupons*Exclusively Provided by Your Agency132013 © Kick A Marketing Group*Local area coupons - We’ll negotiate &provide the coupon details
  14. 14. Add PostcardsWe’ll designand customizethem withyour info, addaddresses andprint them142013 © Kick A Marketing Group
  15. 15. Ready to Get Personal? Contact Us.KICK A MARKETING GROUPPhone: 303.246.8724jo@kickamarketing.comKickAMarketing.comGREAT WEST RESTORATIONPhone: 303.601.2562Fax: 303.841.7319jacob@greatwestrestoration.comGreatWestRestoration.com152013 © Kick A Marketing Group