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Important article english

  1. 1. I - When a major disaster should strike a country,begins with the killing of his creative thinkingpolitical class stop her from going to the reasonto allow political leaders to openthe doors of evil through the blood,death and the corpses of innocent people who willunconscious victims of politics.Pharaoh before Moses felt only contempt forone who stood before him and his ilk,he regarded as inferior and good forbeing mere servants. Near us noargument of common sense could not getLeaders of the Third Reich to reason and to avoidwar that had embraced the world by causingmountain of corpses.France, home lights, full of reason andall the ingenuity that made his strength and his pride wasthe country of capitulation and collaboration, as itspolitical elite had found the most beautiful thingto do in time of war were working withGerman occupier.In those that the Ivorian crisis as we hadhas called for restraint and a constructive dialoguea peaceful resolution of post election crisis weredescribed as pro-Gbagbo or pro RHDP. For somethere was a logic. Pro-Gbagbo and Ouattara probetween the two there was no room for freereferee for constructive thinking before the tragedylooming on the horizon.We went up to publish a simulationwhat will happen when the storm will be given to Abidjanand the presidential palace. Our writings testify tous. We mentioned at the time, the figure of 75000 dead across the country including 25 000 inCôte dIvoire and 50,000 dead in one town
  2. 2. Abidjan. We said that the patriots Abidjanthe heaviest tribe as 15,000 of themlose their lives. Nobody wanted to believe us.Today organizations of human rightswe speak more than a million displacedwar. Nearly 90,000 dead, bodies no longerend in the streets of Abidjan. Stray dogsare now sated by human flesh which they arefeed for several days. Let alonenot looting the presidential palace and archivesState Ivorian city of Abidjan in a flame.All computers in public services have beencarried away by looters.The militias compete we predicted toadvance to take control of neighborhoods, homeper house. While looting the villasLuxurious Rivera, of Angré and Deux Plateauxwill rage in Abidjan in madness.Violence, like an explosion of power thataddresses the well being of other componentssociety in order to compel them to submission,the domination and enslavement it is the aim ofcoalition around Dr. Allassane Ouattara?The picture circulating on the net, with the formerGovernor of the BCEAO, Philippe-Henri DacouryTabley, beaten, stripped naked by the rebels assaulted pro-Ouattara, remains a powerful image that the worldkeep the advent of Allassane Ouattara, thepower.Because it shows what others should do ifreturn one day to turn in power. Anyonewho are silent today must rememberpictures of members of the government of PresidentWilliam Tolbert of Liberia, in panties shotpublic on the beach in Monrovia April 12, 1980.
  3. 3. mistreat the unlucky losers, says the adagePeople. But we are still confidentAfter that nobody will listen.In the final assault, we have already said that in asociety that seeks equality and solidarity, murder andlooting pointless, lead others to cultivate avengeance, a barbarism and blind violence, withoutwhose name and looting raids described aboveTomorrow will be the most extreme manifestations.Nobody wanted to believe us.Today, we are told that it is the fault of LawrenceGbagbo, because he wanted to cling to powerand refused the election results. Again itget out of this evil scheme that has made the CoastdIvoire a cursed country. Whoever wrote these lines isnot a Malinke, or a beast. Ethnicity as a bannerhas never been our cup of tea.The ethnicity can never truly be a havenfor those who want to see far starting to seewhats on their noses. It is in this spirit that weyesterday we fought cancer Ivorian identity, yet itis difficult to be silent today on the killingsunnecessary innocent people on the mere basis oftheir ethno tribal or religious.Violation of homes at night and theft of propertyIvorian army of the winners of the day willan additional complication in the reconstruction of theCôte dIvoire news. All this makes us say thatcountry is about to move to a dangerouslytotal failure of the state by the murder as a form ofgovernance.It is a great danger for the rulers and thegoverned, with the fear of both sides asdisease fatal to the nation to medium term. Itis here to stop the deadly drift for all
  4. 4. Ivorian. Because the risk to medium term is to seeethnic groups threatened to take up arms to defendthemselvesand survive in the jungle that is now the CoastdIvoire. It is no longer here pro or pro-OuattaraGbagbo. It is the survival of several millionIvorians.II - On the future of Laurent GbagboThe senseless murder has so grown that thefate of an individual, not the most important. A friendItalian told us yesterday he was shocked byImage of Laurent Gbagbo, his face swollen and hisWomens hair pulled, beaten, abused alland presented on two television channels ofworld as war trophies.We have never been in the ranks of courtiersgbagboïsme of triumph, but we accepthard lessons from those with amnesiaforget their behavior yesterday.We remind the Italians and the French afterhave killed the Duce Benitto Mussolini and his mistress,Clara Petacci, April 28, 1945, on a farm onheights of Como in the village of Mezzegra theirbodies were transported to Milan in Piazza Lorettowhere they were hung by the feet and exposed toeyes of all, for those who wishcan go spit in their faces.In France, the liberation was not the caramel cakefor women who had had intimate relationswith German soldiers. Do not even talkservants of the Vichy regime. The numbers of comersFrench themselves tell of executionsExtrajudicial over 10,000 people. AllRomania near us that is not a countryBlack Africa had shot the Conducator Nicolae
  5. 5. Ceausescu and his wife Elena, after a trial morethat summary.The philippines shoes, dresses and smallpants Ex first lady Ilmelda Marcos, wereon public exhibition in Manila in madness after the flightCouples Presidential February 25, 1986. the exercise ofpolitical power should be a service to thepeople we want to serve all the excesses touse power to enrich themselves, or to plotto kill and do harm to others and will pay cashhigh price. The mortal remains of Samuel KanonDoe of Liberia will not contradict this assertionThat said, all those that animate the political life ofour poor African countries need to knowadvance that the murderous madness of their opponentsjust make them victims of an unspeakable tragedy.This should give our government less arroganceand above all an ability to listen to avoidirreparable damage to themselves, their families and theircountries.Once this fact did. It must be said to Laurent Gbagbodisappointed that the overhaul is gbagboïstenumerous. The REIT is decapitated, most of itsleaders are under arrest or leaks, manybeen slaughtered by the political coalition military rebelsAllassane of Ouattara. Look here what will be theirfate in the coming months.It did not for most some people tried to fleehave even been picked at their homes, some haveput under UN protection, forgettingprecedents for this kind of approach. After the fall ofKabul at the hands of Taliban, Afghan President Dr.Mohammed Najibullah, had he not found refuge inheadquarters of UN peacekeepers in KabulYet there he was captured by the Taliban and
  6. 6. hanging from a lamppost in downtown Kabul,madness September 27, 1996. All those who believesafe under the UN protection ICs arecorpses stay.Pascal Affi Nguessan, former Prime Minister of CotedIvoire, which was captured, before the soldiers pummeledUN CI, hotel Pergola and transferred to the Hotel du Golfas a prisoner does not contradict, if breathingyet. In the same vein, the residence of ourbrother, the president of the Congolese National MovementandPrime Minister Patrice Emery Lumumba, toLeopoldville, now Kinshasa she was not underprotection of peacekeepers in November 1960?Were sorry to tell gbagboïstesand other refounders or what remains of the REIT, theymay already be in mourning for Lawrence and SimoneGbagbo. Because they will not return alive Katangain which they were sent. They can pray orread the Bible 24 hours over 24, neither Moses nor Christdoeswill do anything for them. It is said that Allahperson given the authority to Dr. Ouattara AllassaneAbidjan, all petitions and other gesturesare just the wind.With a little lucidity, the fronts areinclude all quAllassane Ouattara, will notgovern the Ivory Coast with Gbagbo in prisonthe national territory and its networkspatriotic asleep waiting a word from himto put the country in motion in turn.The couple Gbagbo was transferred separately belowAbidjan to allow the French secret servicesinterrogate them and cook them well for betterunderstand the nature of their links with countries
  7. 7. like China, Russia, their assets abroad andwhich oppose the French interests in CôtedIvoire.We must not delude ourselves when we are facing thecutthroats. So the political end of LawrenceGbagbo and his wife Simone. RegardingFPI, some say he is in hibernation,reality it is liquefied. That is to say he fell from asolid to liquid state. its leaders willsentenced to long prison sentence sokeep them out of power and politics of the country.Many of them will not return alive, they dowill review their families longer. Those who surviveemerge bedridden, women are among themreach menopause in their release, ifnot already done so for some. Together theyrepresent nothing more. All bank accountsare blocked. They will not even homesleep, which is why the looting, arson andtotal destruction of their homes.The Gbagboïsme and rebuilding are to endbreath and have completed their races in the poolmuddy blood Ébrié bordering the lagoon of Abidjan.This is the re-founding and them alone to drawlessons of this Shakespearean tragedy, burlesqueDante, worthy of a Kafka novel Frantz. Becausenobody can do it better instead of thosewho wanted to reestablish the Ivory Coast to locatein new times.It will be difficult and very difficult to REITup to field candidates in nextelections, municipal and regional authorities. Therisk of being murdered as we shall seereal courage in all its grandeur on the partthose who still have the balls between their
  8. 8. legs to go to campaign against the coalition,political and military rebels businessmen headed by Dr.Allassane Ouattara.III - And this was the time of cut-throats and lootersLooting is an act of war that we findbarbaric because it opens the door to massive theft atdestruction of property, accompanied by viols. Themost famous robbers of the Middle Ages areVandals, Huns during their conquests peoplesGermanic sacked Rome three times duringgreat invasions. The fall of Constantinople,May 29, 1453, provoked three days of murder,smashing, looting, robbery and rape ofpeoples conquered by the Ottomans.The French are so fond of giving lessonscourtesies to others and who have forgotten by amnesiathey have promoted and encouraged the genocide ofTutsi of Rwanda, should remember that during theFrench Revolution, several historic buildingsand cathedrals were looted by insurgents causingloss of ancestral relics of the churchFrance.History repeats itself constantly to those whorefuse to look past the people in front.The Ivorian crisis has revealed a new racecriminals. Looters and especially the murderers. Theyalready knew the homes of their victims. Theycome home with a bang by destroying the axdynamite or your portal. They visit allparts of your home before combining alloccupants in the courtyard or the main salon, where thefatherfamily identified as a pro-Gbagbo, ispummeled mercilessly in front of his wife andchildren.
  9. 9. Then while the rest of the family is cryingheld playful shot. The father is castface against the ground. A man climbs on his back, twoothers hold by the arms by pulling backto raise his torso. It was then that thethird man who is standing over him is his headand slice his throat with a butcher knife incrying Gnamougôdé (bastard) Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.Do we kill here in Gods name? Of religion? Ofethnicity or because the victim had sustained GbagboLawrence? We do not know what to say about this showmacabre that will continue for months in CôtedIvoire. The Ivorian left by themselves thinkvoices rise in the sub region or byworld to stop it.How naive of them? We made a bet yesterdaythat nobody in the West African sub-region doescome to their rescue with a single wordCompassion is the exact truth today. Actuallyall neighbors of the Ivory Coast are delightedIvorian woes and suffering groupsnon-ethnic border. They sayinternally that: it serves the Ivorians.The victim of the slaying he stirs, struggles, ahoarse bellowing out of his throat, he choked andempty of blood, thats when the looterscame on stage to empty the house of everythingit contains. The wife and daughters are sometimesraped before being driven out of places it endssometimes in flames because many houses areparts by smoking.Why Allassane Ouattara was not there so far notlaunched a strong appeal to stop all these crimesuseless? Once captured Gbagbo, why botherto his followers or kill the little artists
  10. 10. week had opted to support Gbagbo?All these issues need to beconvincing answers to rebuild the bodyoffice of the Ivorian nation.We were disappointed by the statement of AllassaneOuattara, saying that its soldiers will be recognizedguilty of abuses will be delisted. But it does notis not at all radiation must be judged andto condemn what they did. Entire villageswere wiped off the map, running the risk ofreturn to impunity and that he denounced yesterdaywill do more harm to the country.That is why we must restore the rule of law,now and immediately, so that the barbarismstops. How can we imagine a rulecountry without police, without justice, no police orlaw of the gun is the best. Who will invest in suchcountry? Reconciling peace and life in aRepublic of murder and gun violence?IV - The conspiracy against state securityFor now it is only a rumor. But wetake very seriously, after all that the coastIvory has known. In a few months between Decemberand January 2012, to be precise, a wave of huntingthe man will be held in major cities.Many civilian and militaryclose to the PDCI and the remainder of the REIT and itsPatriotic galaxy will be arrested for conspiracy consthe State Security. Those who left theirhiding in thinking he had escaped the worst are wrongheavily.Most of those who came out of hiding,All the generals and senior officers who haverallied at the 25th hour to the camp Ouattara, willby firing squad, many civilians will
  11. 11. found in troughs throat cut. Thosewho think we are surprised by exaggerating thenext bloodbath that is looming.The organizations of human rights does stand upnot lift a finger for them. It is a matter betweenthey arrange themselves African. François Mitterrand,French socialist president said he did not in 1994About the Rwandan genocide: "in those countries,genocide is not too big>>.By dint of playing with fire, the Ivoriantoday in a swamp where they have lost theirsoul, honor their country and the lack of dignitytheir remains. Leave the country before the next wavearrest, is the solution for all those who havesovereignty and independence of Côte dIvoirelike a trumpet to his mouth, for cleaningkarcher will occur and without pity.V - Locate responsibilitiesOf course everyone blames thedrama on the other to whiten and give goodconscience before history. By situatingresponsibilities of the dark night that hit theCôte dIvoire, we see five. And we docertainly not to say it is primarilyany inability to resolve the Ivorianturf that has plunged the country into thiscrisis that lasted almost a decade.The Ivorian political class has been of unconsciousnesspitiful and pathetic. Many African countrieshad electoral disputes without resorting towar as a solution. Why, despite all ourwarnings politicians and their manycourtiers did not see the danger of disintegrationthe country and state looming on the horizon? WhatSo are political parties, if life and well
  12. 12. common is not their purpose?All this confirms our choice of nevermilitate in a political party in Africa. Because they aresclerotic and especially struck with a sort of infertilityAdvanced, which they can never rely oncommon happiness. Just like a mansterile will never start a family withown children. What happened in Cote dIvoirea textbook example for all Africa.Be responsible in politics is to assume theconsequences of acts that pose as well asexcesses of his own supporters. It also means beingable to respond to justice and public opinionpublic misfortunes that befell the country byfault of your decision.Before the Nuremberg tribunal, the commander inChief of the Luftwaffe, Field Marshal Hermann Goering,without disassembling said clearly in itsdramatic testimony March 12, 1946, heassumed in person the consequences of acts anddecisions of the Third Reich.A) - Many are now in the CoastIvory in ruins, those who say that if Gbagbohad accepted the results of the CIS, we would notthere. Gbagbos supporters have in thismeaning the time to reflect on their ownresponsibilities and above all learn fromGbagboïsme and overhaul its policy thatAppeals to patriotism and the junction of consciousnessIvorian national.They will soon realize that this ideology istoday after the political race. Sheled a country to ruin, humiliation andutter destitution. One who embodied the currentpolitical thought, transformed into an ideology, that is to say
  13. 13. its leader, Laurent Gbagbo, had misjudged thepower relations of African political life in thiscentury of globalization.If you have a normally functioning brain, you docan not now face a rebellion coalescedwith businessmen and political forces in your countryhave a good portion of the sub region on the back,be in open conflict with France, which manages yourmoney and who owns mostBanks operating in your country.Have the European Union and the United States against youandearning the name of patriotism and sovereignty ofyour country is a lure. Côte dIvoire in itsto pay the full price of this unnecessary bloodbathmiscalculation of Gbagboïsme and itsoverhaul embodied by its leader Laurent Gbagbo. Donever trigger a showdown if it is notsure to win eventually. It is advice to avoiddead-ends in politics.President Houphouet-Boigny said in his lifetimethat "politics is the assessment of the seineRealities>>. A level of responsibility is not to havefair legibility of its capacity for harmopponents and rushing headlong like a bullin a confrontation that will be to your detriment, is tostupidity and even the poor to gocompletely isolated in such a showdown, whenmillions of lives depend on your decision.The gbagboïsme did not take into account environmentalin regional geopolitics and geo-strategyworld and the capacity for harm of Franceand it is unforgivable that the refoundersGbagboïme wore in order to governotherwise. They simply made the Coast
  14. 14. Ivory immense field of ruins. This waruseless is also their responsibility.Laurent Gbagbo, who is a historian should remindPatriots yesterday and today, this simple lessonelectoral history of the world that teaches usthat holding a vote in the midst of disasterwar can only lead to a plebiscitefor or against this war.B) - Regarding the PDCI-RDA, if it continuespassivity to remain silent in this period orIvorians are slaughtered for free in their owncountries. He puts himself in the awkward position ofcollaboration that will make it harder tomorrowcanvass of Ivorians to exercisepolitical power in Cote dIvoire. The PDCI is inindecent a posture of cowardice worthy of PoncePilate.More than 65 years after its creation, the Ivorian sectionAfrican Democratic Rally, istotally absent where Ivorians have needs thathis voice and reassure the guards. It is nowthe spare wheel well of the RDR and its leadersSome say tomorrow as Nazi criminalsNuremberg, they knew nothing and were notaware of the looting and the wave of assassinations thatblowing across the country since the fall of Gbagbountil today.By its silence the PDCI, is responsible for the situationcurrent chaotic and huge losses of liveshuman, in a country that wanted solidarity.This position will be morally difficult for IBDFutures in years, if he continued viewerpresent time.Because in reality the party that led Côte dIvoireindependence was the choice of being blind
  15. 15. deaf-mute, the day the survival of millions of Ivorianswere the pile of history, it is a formblindness unforgivable, to be sanctioned byfuture electoral history of Côte dIvoire.Support Allassane Ouattara, seems to survivethe choice of the direction of the PDCI GDR. This positioncowardice weigh its weight in the reconstructionmoral, social and political Côte dIvoire. Itin the sense that it begs the question whetherPDCI-RDA, today, is still a political partyor a group of businessmen to political interestsbenefit of an elite?C) - For Guillaume Soro and his KigbaforirebelsThose who collude with overseas have taken theweapons to kill innocents in the name of theirEthnic and religious and political claims areresponsibilities in terms of the firstresponsible for the tragedy and disaster in Ivory Coast.BecauseIvory Coast will not recover anytime soon from thisbloody war whose goal since September 192002 was to bring to power Allassane Ouattara.Shedding the blood of others to gain powerwas never a factor for peace as wellcountry, its people and those who claim to exercise thepower they have obtained the gun. Examplessize are before our eyes. Mobutu toHabré, to Idi Amin and otherSamuel Doe. The blood calls for blood and that he sembleCôte dIvoire, we are only at the beginning of a cycleinfernal and endless violence.In this sense, those who made the choice of weaponsbeginning of the Ivorian crisis were wrong. RebellionIvorian political and military, is a felony. It
  16. 16. not hesitate to say it is wrong andunworthy of the rule of law it claims to establish inCôte dIvoire.She has created a climate of fear among Ivorians, itIvorian other dispossessed of their property and theirlife because they were the wrong ethnic group.She introduced the political murder. It createsinjustices and frustrations immense and unnecessarycreate anarchy and chaos as its goalcombat.Côte dIvoire did not deserve this and we must saynow others are born rebellionstomorrow not to perpetuate the culture of murder andblood as a way of political change in CotedIvoire. This is an ethical position that rejectsviolence, brute force, crime free andthe bloody slaughter of innocent lifepolicy.The most serious is that Guillaume Soro and his rebelsfeel no guilt vis-à-vis theirinnocent victims. Disembowel a pregnant womanbecause it is stupid or is simply ÉbriéCriminal and unworthy of humanity. It is a felonythat this rebellion was imposed on the entire Ivory Coast,andit is fundamentally unacceptable.D) - Allassane OuattaraDr. Allassane Ouattara said during his recentvisit to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, that: "anyBurkina Faso is happening in Cote dIvoire is at home>> itYou just know if everything that happens in Ivory CoastBurkina Faso is truly at home? Because during thiswar, there were Ivorians who fled toBurkina Faso and they will remember their whole lifehumiliation and how they were treated?
  17. 17. all this is not reassuring in the eyes of manyIvorians.Access to the direction of a country in a climate ofViolence is like a curse that causes thereign ends in blood. The Freemasons dowe will not refute this point. There is a law notwritten of nature that everything startsbadly ends badly. He is not here to be proOuattara or pro Gbgbo, RHDP or PML. Have thesesimplistic observations of very short order who killeddemocratic debate and prevented sustainedpeaceful change of government in Cote dIvoire.Whoever wrote these lines has never metAllassane Ouattara and his political rival LawrenceGbagbo. We are not of those whoprogress through life with their political activismon the forehead in order to gain a place in lifeor at the table of power if not officerspolicies.We have not done during the Houphouettriumphant and thats not today that we willrun to eat moldy bread of sycophancytransient whose victims are under our eyes, afterhave lost all their illusions, they are nowdisillusioned and bare, seated on the floor, theysometimes require a large dose of naivety thathappens to them?Allassane Ouattara could govern Côte dIvoirewithout a staggering 90 000 deaths, published byorganizations of Ivorian civil society. Powerif exercised in these circumstances can it be a servicethe benefit of Côte dIvoire and the Ivorian?These are questions that if unansweredsow doubt in the minds andturn into a cancer whose metastases
  18. 18. eventually take power today. Weof those who fought fiercely in the Ivorianpoint us in the mortal enemiesbédïésme triumphant.That makes us more demanding with Dr.Allassane Ouattara, more than all the other actorsIvorian politics. Because unlikecourtiers, only the future of Côte dIvoire andIvorian welfare concerns us we doare not in the ranks of those seekingcontracts, business or a place prebendsPublic Service Ivorian.Not being able to warn Dr. Allassane Ouattaradangers looming on the horizon of histerm born in the blood, does not oblige. Andis placed above the Ivory Coast Chapteraccounting profit and loss of political life. Itis responsible for its intransigence, the choice ofdestructive force that has made Côte dIvoire, a countryundead.E) - France and the Ivory CoastThe unacceptable for many Africans today.And its unfortunate to express it in public. But ita reality of Franco-African cooperation that wecan not be silent. Is that there is today in 2011African governments. That call eachMonday morning the agenda of the next councilMinisters of their countrys ambassador in Francetheir country so that its under investigationcountry decides what deserves to be thegovernment concerns the unfortunate countryAfrican question.That makes the ambassadors of FranceBlack Africa real proconsuls in our country.That makes them equivalent to Douglas MacArthur
  19. 19. in Japan between September 2, 1945 and mid April 1951.Thats what several generations of Africans dowant to see in our country. And this is notthe anti-French as being free and independent from eithernow has a meaning for all human beings.If France had helped push the rebellion inSeptember 2002, there was never any crisisIvorian as costly in human lives. It wouldoutweighed the moral and politicalimpose a just, lasting and acceptableall.Thus the Ivorian crisis is partly the result ofhis inability to see far and the manifestation of overthis own moral blindness and the results of ainconsistency which recalls the fall of Dr. MossadeghIran and the coming with the help of the CIA,Mohammed Reza Pahlavi to power in August 1953with the end that we know. In all cases,lasting resentment arose between some ofOpinion Ivory Coast and France. Well have to manage andwe wish good luck to France in thisadventure.The embargo on the importation of unnecessarymedications,while the weapons came in large quantitiesin the country to fuel a bloody warfratricide. The intensive bombing and the attackhome rule by presidential forces in CocodyFrench.The use of incendiary bombs, bombsfragmentation and poison gas against Gbagbo andmembers of his family in the basement of the homePresidential, remains for many of the Ivoriancompletely disproportionate means to solve aelectoral disputes.
  20. 20. That is to say that much of the opinionIvorian quAllassane Ouattara is a sherpa seeeven a mercenary on a mission ordered forgovern Côte dIvoire on behalf of France. Thisfeeling is confirmed we are told by the biasFrench diplomacy in favor of Dr. CampOuattara, in the Ivorian crisis.We refuse until proven guiltyQuAllassane Ouattara, from that nature. Because if itis true, how the death of thousandsIvorians?Govern Côte dIvoire, not to benefitIvory Coast, but to promote the prosperity of groupsof French interests, would be another felony, seeeven high treason and we reject anygood faith to believe that with him the heritage of the StateIvory Coast will be sold off to large uncompensatedpublic interest groups and private French bynew Ivorian government post-crisis.Thats because were in good faith towards theDr. Ouattara that we would be very attentive to the naturecontracts that the new president and hisGovernment will sign with the powerful groupsFrench. In this era of globalization, we mustdefinitively turning its back on friendships mafiareserved and allocated to contracts without bidding.Ivorians in their great majority are notopposed to France. They all deny the interference ofFrance in political choices, economic andDiplomatic their country. The flattening of ourpoor African countries to foreign interestsis one of the causes of our backwardness andoffice.Because it transforms our political leaders tovulgar middlemen of contracts with
  21. 21. juicy commissions in passing, that make the statea predator nation for its own population. Therubble of Zaire under Mobutu, are still under oureyes to remind us as a concrete exampledoes not follow. In any case, a president of therepublic guided from abroad has never been thehappiness of a single African in this land. It is asad reality of our time, which makes us suspicioustowards this type of political experience.Definitely, we consider a generalthe sovereignty of a country should accommodateno allegiance whatsoever, and that thecoexistence of states needs to be sustainable andbeneficial to all, must be established on the respect andmutual consideration and not on the relationship betweenguardian and minor. Must be free of anystress and leave intact at all, the abilityto choose and refuse.The monopoly of French companiesAfricans in our countries, their trendsbilling and interference in our affairs, theirwill want to decide for us without our notice andthat with the support of French rulers whoseElection campaigns are financed by thesecompanies and puppet regimes in Africa, weare told here:That true cooperation between France and Africa must taketo grips with the fight against poverty, forwe can have with us as roadsall-weather, hospitals for ustreat schools to educate and train ourYouth, in short, make things simpleas housing, putting his son to school and feedproperly no longer a dream for ourgeneration.
  22. 22. Brief dusting cooperation agreements withFrances colonial legacy and neo-colonialGaullist legacy to be born finally anFranco-African, the midwifeour second independence of African countriesthe Francophone world. That is what mostIvorian wish wholeheartedly in the newrelationship with France.The intelligence that France takes control herselfthe lead of such a change of looks.It is his responsibility, must in fact changeeyes. Change the nature of the looks that areshot to Côte dIvoire and Africa but alsoto French and France. To evacuategrowing resentment toward the former Ivoriancolonizer.It is not about being for or against France. TheIvorian want to live freely in a country homewhich is theirs and not under the irresponsibility of asystem prone to a third country. It is thishumiliation that is fundamentally wrongtoday. This finding is not pro or Gbagbopro Ouattara, no its Ivorian pro, period.VI - savagery, violence and barbarism asblindnessThe Ivorians will take time before getting upto understand what happens to them. How theirHas the country could switch to this point in violenceunnecessary and a nameless barbarism that is almostmental blindness? The Ivorian crisis was it a simpleelectoral disputes? Honestly, was there notalternatives to war and destructionlives, public and private property to bringAllassane Ouattara in power?If we prevent these questions in the space
  23. 23. national collective public conscience will not healthe deep psychological trauma and psychologicalin which the Ivory Coast slipped furthereach day. In this process we must bemore demanding with the victors of today, iftheir goals are to govern in peace, justice andequality of all before the law. They must avoidbehaviors that will grow to regret the Ivorianprevious regimes.How to restore justice and human morality afterso many murders, crimes and lies in acountries that wanted to show solidarity? From theHolocaust togas chambers in Nazi Germany, massacresOradour-sur-Glane in France through thewars in Vietnam and Algeria, the GulagStalinists. Massacres of Sabra and Shatila in LebanonRwandans to genocide. Not forgettingethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia toarrive in the massacres of Duékoué Côte dIvoire.Whoever wrote these lines do nothing but researchunderstand how the normal man with all histenderness, his humanity and his respect for life,Can overnight kill, and disembowelmaim his neighbor or torture, and rape women andchildren who have done nothing to him?This question has for years been at the heart of ourresearch work, when we study the natureconflicts that cause bloodshed in this world. TheFrench who have known humiliation of occupationGermans used torture and Crime FreeAlgerian independence against the November 11958 July 3, 1962.Philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis andpsychiatry, have tried in their various fields
  24. 24. give us explanations that we doconfuse and obscure our understanding. Whenburn a man alive or when they killsomeone not for what he did, but because heis stupid, Malinke and Senufo is comparable to thedeath without cause millions of Jewish campsconcentration.It is exactly like the plight of the 900000 Tutsis massacred free powergenocidal Hutu general operetta, JuvenalHabyarimana great friend of France. Two Congressesworld of psychiatry and psychoanalysis have notsucceed in convincing us of this madness and barbarismmurderous people who switch over inhorror.The war causes does a regression of the individualcivilized point of making him a wild and abarbarian who slaughtered and gutted his fellows withoutany remorse? It seems after watchingwar in Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone andCôte dIvoire, that by nature man is guided by itstend to leave the legal requirements imposed bysociety, to remove all inhibitions.The war offers this possibility and provides a powerextraordinary to be narrow in its civilized laws. Thechild soldiers 14 or 15, who do not even knownot read and write, were masters of the streets yesterday toMonrovia. Not to mention the shooting randomly at snaperanything that moves on the streets of Beirut, sinceroof of a building. And it between two hotmarijuana, he believes himself the king of the world.Freud, in the sense noted: "Menbecome neurotic by deprivation. TheirSymptoms replace the home satisfactionis denied. >> In times of war, deprivation
  25. 25. no longer exists. Everything is allowed, the man returns toinstinctual state. While the man is reluctant to shootsecular laws guaranteeing usability. But soonthat the barrier is crossed, everything goes very quickly.Nothing stops him. Nothing on censorship. Theprocess of regression to savagery andsavagery begins when running, is the fall ofmoral and social conventions, it switches frompacifism to the madness. This observationleads to say that the wishes of the death of the enemyremainsburied in the unconscious of many thingshumans.Therefore, whatever the horrors the French donot feel guilty of torture at the time ofwar in Algeria. Sarkozy had told us thatRepentance is a form of hatred of anyone. TheAmericans do not feel guilty of atrocitiestheir soldiers during the Vietnam War. TheAustrian people had he not elected Kurt WaldheimPresident of the Republic 8 June 1986, despitesuspicions of his Nazi past?Y is there a fundamental difference betweenNapalm bombing against a small villageAlgerian mountains or the jungles of Vietnam, themassacre of Oradour-sur-Glane massacre of theRwandas Tutsi or Wes Duékoué CoastIvory?Côte dIvoire, the war is not considereda scandal. The warrior dozo illiterate of the rebellion,not ashamed of his actions. Instead, it acts on behalfof his political party, his community which hedefends the identity and fundamental interests. Thatwhy it will be absolved by the political power that ishimself in the same spirit to the plan
  26. 26. pathological, mental and psychological. ThatTherefore, there will be no hint of repentance towardinnocent victims of the Ivorian crisis.This justifies the fact that violence, crimefree, the manhunt, rape and lootingwill continue for months and months in CôtedIvoire. No politician will stop thesemassacres, because it seems that govern in silenceA cemetery is the new rule of life timecutthroats in the Ivory Coast.VII - Postulate a general conclusionYesterday in South Africa, our brother, Nelson Mandelahad reassured the white community and had the idea ofnot to initiate a witch hunt of a raceagainst another. In Ivory Coast the firstAppointments are already afraid to much ofIvorian opinion.Many are those who admit their fear ofdioulatisation of Côte dIvoire and its institutionsas the time of the schemes under Akanitécorrupt Felix Houphouet-Boigny and especiallyHenri Konan Bedie, the father of Ivorian politics.This period was sad for all Ivorians, as thiswas the cause of the coup on Thursday, December 241999.Most ambassadors, under both regimes,prefects, ministries of sovereignty,state enterprises and utilities were thetime for most of the Akan. Its akanité whichgive birth to the Ivorian. As if the CoastIvory was a republic Akan. Just asthe rule of the Turkish Ottoman Empirebetween 1299 and 1922, 623 years of existence,astounding and unacceptable today.Whoever wrote this is an Akan, and we say
  27. 27. loud and clear that Ivory Coast is not aAkan republic and especially the members of this groupEthnic have no rule on powerState and other Ivorians. Howbehave if the other Spanish Catalanmonopolize all overnight positionsresponsibilities of senior Public AdministrationSpain?This simple assumption thrilled our European friendsyet most of our African countries had thecourage to experiment in size. FelixHouphouet-Boigny in Ivory Coast and Joseph DésiréMobutu of Zaire, were the champions in thisarea. The idea that ethnicity is more fairwent through there.Clearly had thought out in small malignanttheir small head, the accuracy of ethnicity is essentialin the stability, longevity and survival of the state andregime that governs it. It was a catastrophic mistake.Pida Sambwa Nbangui, who was Governor of the BankNational Zaire, was a Ngbandi. The commanderNational Guard, General Baramoto Kpara wasMobutus uncle.The last prime minister of Mobutu, GeneralLikulia Bolongo and Chief of the Joint ChiefsGeneral Donatien Mahele Liéko Bongo belongedevery ethnic group in the region of NgbandiEquatorial Zaire.The commander of the notorious special branchPresidential, General Etienne Nzimbi, was the nephewMobutu is to say, the son of his sister. And yetthis did not prevent the fall of Mobutu and his clique.Bet on ethnicity in politics is to link its destinyleaves.Observed within the meaning of the ethnic tribal
  28. 28. first appointments of the President, AllassaneOuattara:U.S. ambassador: Daouda DiabatéAmbassador to the United Nations in New York: BambaYoussoufAmbassador of Cote dIvoire in Paris: Ali CoulibalyPresidential security group: LieutenantColonel Vagondo DiomandéDirector of Public Services and parastatal companiesDG National Lottery: Issiaka KoneDG Abidjanaise transport company (Sotra)Bouake MeitéDG pathway Coffee Cocoa Massandjé Ms. TouréCustoms DG of Côte dIvoire: Cols. Issa CoulibalyDG Treasury Côte dIvoire: Adama KoneDG of National Savings: MamahDiabagatéTreasury Accountant Côte dIvoire: KaderCoulibalyDG port of San Pedro: Hilaire LamizanaDG positions Côte dIvoire: Mamadou KonateDG Bank for Agricultural Development:Lacina CoulibalyDo not even mention the government of SoroGuillaume. One has the impression that it is the revenge ofethnic groups in northern Côte dIvoireMalinke and Senufo the Koyaga against the restIvorians. This list is not exhaustive andshows that spirit is to repeat the same mistakeswho caused the bankruptcy of the state aroundin Africa.For here is no jurisdiction it is. Itethnicity and region of origin are the criteriabasis of these appointments.These appointments are they made in the direction of
  29. 29. the national interest or for the immediate few,all from the same region and even ethnoTribal?While we expect our brother Dr.Allassane Ouattara a courageous break withcombined ethnic mafia of the past, we are inheart of institutionalized tribalism. Thatfeel sad because despite the protestations of ouropponents, we see without binoculars weare moving inexorably on the path of apathetic and lamentable fiasco again.- Having never tried to get close to him noreat at his table, and above all, expecting nothing from Dr.of Allassane Ouattara, we are comfortableto say that courage in politics, and wesay here again without any vehemence.It is primarily an attitude, one that involves cuttingshort an enormous enthusiasm. To break with thefears of the past. We mean the fearscollective.- To oppose the rumors to bring the topicslevel that should be theirs, by calming the passions ofexcited in his own camp. Because we did not wina victory against the nation, but with the nation thatwants to govern.- As you can see the conditionsemergence and stabilization of peace andDemocracy in Cote dIvoire are therefore far frommet. The idea is to explore, to experimentin the very movement that carries the Ivorianlearn about citizenship, to issue classespolicies of good and evil.- To get rid of final opinions andopposition trenches to learn thediversity and tolerance, grade and
  30. 30. compromise on some core values betweenIvorian; to live according to differences inaccepting differences, seeking consensuson the balance of living together andaccommodating for the rest of contradictory truths,uncertainty shared by majorities and minoritiesprovisional, partial victory and defeatsurmountable.In a democracy, we must give voice andlisten as those who have contrary opinions. Iteven seems that Ivory Coast is still ademocracy. Because it was the war we are told tothat the election results be respected. WeSo here wanted to freely express our anguish, ourreserve, our fears and our reading of the situationthis country since the capture of Laurent Gbagbo, on 11April 2011 to 14 last 47 per hour to be precise.We have in this sense referred to the situationsecure the mass slaughters of Ivorians, thelooting, anarchy, the advent of fear, silenceand the blood of Ivorian Ivorian public lifeand the accession to power of our brother Dr.Allassane Ouattara, under the conditions thatwe all know.Thank you for your kind attention.