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AxisVM is a complete FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software wherein the user can model, calculate and design complete 3D structures with beams, columns, plates and walls. It supports several materials such as steel, concrete and timber.

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Brochure axis vm 10

  1. 1. AxisVM - a powerful design tool for civil engineersFinite Element Analysis & Design Software for Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/Windows® 7: Easy to learn and use: Sophisticated graphic interface for intuitive pre- and postprocessing: Advanced data exchange to general and architectural CAD software: Quick model building with unlimited number of finite elements: Reinforced concrete, steel, timber design according to Eurocode, DIN, NEN, SIA, STAS: Developed for Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7... this FEA software sets the pace AXI VM 10 végeselem programrendszer statikusoknak
  2. 2. AXI VM 10Analysis methods, finite elements and design modules of AxisVM lets the user not only to calculate and design everyday truss- plate- membrane and shellstructures in an efficient way but can solve special modelling problems as well. Realtime zoom / pan / rotate Multi-windowing User controls units and number precision User coordinate systems for easy editing Associative dimensioning and text labels High-end graphic CAD environment. Build models by simple geometric operations in Cartesian, cylindrical or DXF file export-import spherical coordinate systems. Make diagrams using associative dimensioning and text labels. OpenGL engine for efficient work in 3D and realistic rendered views. Quadratic, isoparametric elements for the quality resultsUse beam, truss, rib and triangular or quadrilateral surfaceelements to build a model. Automatic mesh generation fordomains.Create mesh-independent point, linear and surface loads.Apply fluid and thermal loads, support displacements,external forces. Reinforced beam design Mesh independent loads Reinforced column check Design of reinforced concrete beams, columns, plates, membranes, shells according to Eurocode2, DIN, SIA, NEN, STAS, MSz. Steel design according to Eurocode3, SIA, NEN, STAS. Steel design and check Design of bolted joints with an end plate for column-to- beam or beam-to-beam connections according to Ec3. Timber design according to Eurocode5, SIA.
  3. 3. Finite Element Analysis & Design SoftwareCross-section libraryCross-section editor IFC 2x2, 2x3 import/export Sophisticated IFC 2x2, 2x3 interface to ArchiCAD, ATD, Tekla, Nemetschek imports and converts architectural projects to AxisVM models for structural analysis. Pad footing design/checkBeams and ribs with variable or constant cross-sections.Beams and ribs with arced or straight axis.Link element for modeling hinged plate connections.Compression/tension only trusses for nonlinear modeling ofdiagonal stiffeners and brick pillars.Analyse compression only nodal, line and surface supports.II-order and III-order analysis for frame and shell structures. Seismic analysis Pad footing reinforcement calculation, punching check. Geotechnical check of the soil according to Eurocode72D and 3D seismic design is based on the response and Eurocode2.spectrum analysis method, according to Eurocode, SIA,DIN, STAS standards. Timber beam design/checkReport maker and report wizardReport Maker makes it easy to compile entire reports andprint them. Export your report to an RTF file for furtherediting in Microsoft Word. l Timber beam checks for deflection, stress and stability according to Eurocode5, SIA. Beams with constant or variable cross-sections, and with straight or arced axis. Solid, Glulam or LVL materials.
  4. 4. AxisVM is a high productivity finite element analysis and design software tool for civil engineers.Performs linear and nonlinear static, modal and buckling analysis of 3D bar, membrane, plate, shell and mixed structures.Typical applications can include: plane/space, frames/truss girders, elastically embedded beams, plates, shells, planestress/strain membranes, ribbed plates, shell structures. Enables use of an unlimited number of elements that can freelybe combined in a model.An advanced graphical user interface lets structural and civil engineers work in the environment found in the bestarchitectural softwares. Visual modelling lets the user work on the model and get all results graphically and numerically ina very flexible way.www.axisvm.euUsed by engineers every day in 23 European countriesDeveloped and tested since 1991 by civil engineers.1991-2011 Inter-CAD Kft. All rights reserved. AxisVM is a registered trademark of Inter-CAD Kft.