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Career guidance

  1. 1. By K.Jyothir Ganesh SJCE-STEP
  2. 2. Topics DiscussedCareer Goal SettingCareer Planning or 9P Be VisionaryCommitment Achievement & Appraisal Blow your trumpet Wide 0pen Self EmploymentOpportunitiesHigher Education Conclusion
  3. 3. Tree of our Growth
  4. 4. To many Thoughts
  5. 5. Career is not just aboutwhat you learn or Earn,It is all about being insociety with dignity.
  6. 6. JOB HigherStudyGoal Setting
  7. 7. A Career Goalwill help you• To focus on what you want to do for a living• To discover possibilities that you wouldn’t have thoughtof otherwise.Also it will guide you into doing what you want with yourlife rather than just drifting into a job.
  8. 8. 9 P• Potential• Personality - 3H(Health, Hobbies, Habits)• Profile - Educational background• Passion - things which interests you andbring joy & excitement in life.
  9. 9. Continued• Purpose –Sense of Fulfillment & meaningto your career.• Path.• Plan.• Perseverance• Principle - ethical & morale standards
  10. 10. Career Handling• Set goals & Achieve it• Be always a Performer• Brand your strengths & saleable skills• Balance work, family, life enjoyment, Stress• Be ready for next change.• Create achievable career plan
  11. 11. Continued• Take the responsibility of your career• Let not your career take a shape on its own• Find the right path & make your own fortune• Positive attitude can makemiracles
  12. 12. Strengths• Knowledge• Experience• Natural talent like intuition• Personal strengths like quick & accurate decisionmaking, smart in execution, wonderful peopleconnect, unique expertise .
  13. 13. Continued…• Know the people - Who all have impressed,supported, helped, taught, guided, role models.• Ideas - Being innovative, experimental, visionary orcreative, being able to think well in abstract, aboutfuture possibilities, how to change things forbetterment or improvising• Things - practical skills for implementation.• Data- affection & liking about numbers,compilation, organizing data, information,interpretation , presentation.
  14. 14. Achievement & Appraisal• STAR approach• Situation• Task• Action• Result• What is value of your achievements• If achievement is not important then decide not to dosimilar more work.• Use achievements to work out your skills (enhancingcompetencies).
  15. 15. Continued …• Which skills did you used the most to achieve(communication, leadership, team working, deliverymanagement, education) and which on did youenjoy the most.• Which are the assignments / career which offersimilar options, to motivate & improve in thoseskills of liking.• Keep feedback objectively.• What you should do to be more effective.• Which are the areas of improvement.
  16. 16. Be Visionary• Analyze the success stories• Where & Which role andopportunities you want toacquire• Make free yourself fornew Ideas• Skill & knowledge you enjoyed• Give yourself a vision, and it will provide a focuspoint for you to guide during entire career
  17. 17. Commit Yourself• Being passive, setting goals & doing nothing cannotachieve anything• To develop attitude of total commitment.• To prepare to be flexible, take risks• Learn from Failure, Rejection & Mistakes• Commitment to goal means you might have to learnnew skills and ready to go extra mile.• Right goal, rewards will be worth to wait.
  18. 18. FindaRoleModel
  19. 19. Blow your Trumpet• Ability to market yourself is vital• Best resume with right title• Have good Network• Seek guidance• Dependences of Employer• Distinctive achievements
  20. 20. Face in the crowd• Be a Good Listener• Share Ideas & Info• Be Helpful• Seize opportunities• Use name card• Be good Human Beings
  21. 21. Continued…• Align yourself to the organization,• Identify the goals of organization• How does organizational needs fit in your owncareer need• Offer your education, skill, knowledge,experience, rewards would follow automatic• Changes you need to bring in
  22. 22. Be a deliver all time• You gets employed based on your potential• Way of delivering(Content, Quality, Time,Cost)• Employer expectation fr0m upgradation• Wanted to be treated differently?• Needs of the organization• Give more than 100%
  23. 23. Continued• First Preference should always work• Execute the tasks timely within budget andbetter than expected quality.• Motivate the Team• Deliver the goals ofOrganization.
  24. 24. Be Wide Open Long time careers create narrow FocusRevisit GoalsTry new Avenues ,Careers & OpportunitiesThoroughly research new Opportunitiesbefore applyingSearch where you will fit.
  25. 25. Continued…Find the Opportunities lies whether in acompany/industry/AcademicsAdvantage & Disadvantage of changingMake Tailor made CV for your skill&Experience Contact your Recruitment agency. Mobilizes your NetworkContact senior Person for reference
  26. 26. PreparewellforInterview
  27. 27. SELF EMPLOYMENTBe entrepreneur - Think starting your own,Convert idea into business.Entrepreneurs, they make things happen forthem,Behave like entrepreneur, if you want toprogress. you have plan & passion you are not going to
  28. 28. CONTINUED…If you market it well, Leads Great businessDo not get carried away with business idea Take care administrative detailsHire a Right person for Right job Calculated Risk Factor Accept the Competition.
  29. 29. Continued… Advertise your product Properly Keep eye on cash Flow Save the money for crisis Make Provision for tax Define Your Target market Pricing
  30. 30. Continued…Good Interpersonal relationValue your employees.Acknowledge criticism, rejection & failureAlways SEE for widening businessDon’t rely on one Customer .When everything fails try patience.
  31. 31. OpportunityforDiplomaStudent
  32. 32. Mechanical Students Large Scale, Medium Scale & Small Scale Industry MaintenanceProductionQuality ControlAcademics, Government OfficeIT Services Like Design, Modeling
  33. 33. Civil AcademicsLand Developers Industry/Private SectorPWDNGOSelf Employment
  34. 34. Electronics & Comm. StudentsEmbedded System Manufacturing SectorNetwork & ITAcademicsBiomedicalTelecomEntrainment Field
  35. 35. Computer & Information ScienceSoftware Programmer, Software ServicesCall CentreBPO & KPO IT enable services Web Hosting, Web Designing Repair & Maintenance Networking
  36. 36. Monster .comNaurki.ComTimes Jobs.Com
  37. 37. Relax
  38. 38. Wish All the BestThank YouKeep Smiling