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Cllr. jonathan cote sustainable transportation


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New Westminster, BC City Councillor Jonathan Cote presents on Sustainable Transportation from the NWEP AGM on November 9, 2010.

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Cllr. jonathan cote sustainable transportation

  1. 1. Climate Change
  2. 2. Peak Oil
  3. 3. Chicken & the Egg Debate Transportation Infrastructure vs. Urban Form
  4. 4. The design of our cities has a huge impact on how sustainable our transportation system will be. 1. Street Design 2. Mixed Use 3. Density
  5. 5. Interconnected vs. Dendritic
  6. 6. Mixed Use
  7. 7. Density There is a strong correlation between density and walking, cycling and transit use in a community.
  8. 8. 5 7 10 5 minutes is the average threshold for walking 7 minute transit frequency is when users no longer need to consult a schedule 10 units per acres is the minimum amount of density to support frequent transit service
  9. 9. CATO Institute  Found that it would be cheaper to buy a car for every American dependant on bus service than to provide public transit.
  10. 10. Transportation Infrastructure
  11. 11. Funding Gap
  12. 12. Options  1. Increased Property Taxes  2. Vehicle Levy  3. Gas Tax  4. Road Pricing