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How to Decrease Time to Hire


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Does your organization have trouble finding good candidates or ultimately deciding on who will be the best hire? This presentation helps you understand three keys to decreasing time to hire. With decreased time to hire, you can reduce recruiting expenses and get a fully-engaged workforce as soon as possible.

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How to Decrease Time to Hire

  1. 1. SThe 3 Keys toReducingTime to Hire(TTH)Joey
  2. 2. What is Time to Hire?“A common measure used in human resources to evaluate theaverage amount of time it takes to fill an open position. This isnormally measured from the point the job request is submitted bythe hiring manager to the point the new employee walks in thedoor.”– Workforce Management Magazine (2011)| #HRTips
  3. 3. Time to Hire:From Job Requisition…… To Candidates| #HRTips
  4. 4. SHow to calculate Timeto| #HRTips
  5. 5. Calculating Time to Hire:S Time to Hire = Total # of days it takes to fill a positionS Count using calendar days or business days but beconsistent.S Math required: Simple addition (that’s it!)| #HRTips
  6. 6. SHow to decreaseTime to| #HRTips
  7. 7. 1) Start with a clear jobdescriptionS Lack of clarity in the positionand withheld information=a longer hiring processS There should be consensusfrom the hiringmanager, recruiter and otherstakeholders regarding theskills, abilities, experience andsalary components of| #HRTips
  8. 8. 1) Start with a clear jobdescription (cont.)S A hiring manager must be surethey know what they want upfront!S If your job description seems to“evolve” with each newcandidate/resume/interview thenyou do not have clarity.S This a good reason not to copyand paste standard job templatesbut rather develop your owninternally or with a| #HRTips
  9. 9. 2) Ask the right questions toget down to businessS Separate your “wants” fromyour “needs” in the position andask questions of eachcandidate that give youinformation about their ability todeliver on both.S Make sure that your candidatesare going through astandardized recruiting processto eliminate bias and| #HRTips
  10. 10. 2) Ask the right questions toget down to business (cont.)S Never assume that you’ve fullyconveyed necessaryrequirements in a phone screenor interview. Ask the candidateto respond and elaborate onwhat they understand about| #HRTips
  11. 11. 3) Take action and eliminatebarriers to decision-makingS The biggest time-wasters in therecruitment process areindecision, wasting time and notmaking hiring a priority concern.S If you have a set of candidatesthat are particularly high onyour radar, scheduleinterviews, reference checksand background| #HRTips
  12. 12. 3) Take action and eliminatebarriers to decision-making(cont.)S Consider setting set blocks oftime on a hiring managersschedule to focus on recruitingand nothing else.S Keep in mind the additionalwork that your staff is sharingbecause the new person hasnot arrived yet!| #HRTips
  13. 13. Need help withyour Recruitment?We’ve got youcovered -S 1) Visit:www.jumpstart-hr.comS 2) Email:jprice@jumpstart-hr.comS 3) Connect onLinkedIn: 4) Send a Tweet: Jumpstart:HR, we do theHR work for you. We’reproud to offer cutting-edge, customized HRservices built for yourbusiness. We work with yourorganization as a virtual oron-site service provider tostreamline your HumanResourcepolicies, procedures, andchallenges in order to let youdo what you want to do: runyour| #HRTips