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Crowdfunding moodle development


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Presentation given at the 2013 Moodle Moot Baltimore about crowdfunding Moodle development projects.

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Crowdfunding moodle development

  1. 1. Community-driven Moodle Development A new model for Moodle development
  2. 2. How's development happen? ● Individuals devs contracted by organizations or individuals ● Firms (partners or LMS shops) contracted by organizations or individuals ● Tracker issues ● Individual impetus
  3. 3. The promise of crowdfunding Connecting funds with personnel. An important caveat: The goal is only attained if there is demand for a project.
  4. 4. What exactly is it? Usually Fixed or Dynamic fundraising for a very specific cause over a defined duration (e.g. developing code for Moodle, making jeans, creating a new bike helmet)
  5. 5. Across all markets crowdfunding sites abound and more and more are launched to address more and more niche opportunities. In the US you can even use crowdfunding to raise money for a business launch (a limited IPO)
  6. 6. A few crowdfunding stats ● The entire crowdfunding market grew by 81 percent last year ● Over a million crowdfunding campaigns raised $2.7 billion in 2012 ● 308 active crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) worldwide source:
  7. 7. Thanks WIRED Magazine "But Kickstarter’s one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit every dream, or every group of dreamers. For starters, the site requires every project to create some sort of final product, whether it be a physical object or a piece of media or a performance. This leaves many types of undertakings out in the cold. And even for projects with deliverables, this one tool can’t possibly foresee all the different updates and perks, all the different modes of collaboration and reward, that these communities might want or need. The essential promise of crowdfunding is that the things we’ve always wished for—anything we’ve wished for—can become real. So to fulfill that, the market needs to splinter as it grows. It needs to go niche. In fact, a few of those niches
  8. 8. The Main Event Blackboard's coursesites was the inspiration. It's well designed and functions almost exactly the same. http://ondemand.blackb s/getting_started_with_ video_everywhere.pdf
  9. 9. What made is successful? ● Well known developer ● Solid specs ● Publicized ● Low-hanging fruit ● Free solution to an expensive problem ● 10+ funders
  10. 10. For the community The addon is now available: (205 downloads to date) From anywhere/ From mce_youtube
  11. 11. Since ● LtR Toggle to Collapsed Topics ● Crot Plugin (successful-ish) ● ● ● Crowdfunding @ ● Courseshop for Moodle 2 ● InsightLMS Marketplace
  12. 12. DIY Funding Establish a process/guidelines Stack the deck for success Make it legit
  13. 13. Future Projects Currently screening a few projects: ● Autopilot for Moodle ● Google Checkout Enrollment Plugin ● Horizontal Collapsed Topics ● Activities and Events User Page/Dashboard ● Comprehensive Activities Report Page ● Weka integration (data mining)