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Scoliosis 1


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Scoliosis 1

  1. 1. Scoliosis By Kaitlyn Anderson
  2. 2. • Abnormal curve in the spine
  3. 3. Anyone can have it. • Girls are more likely to have Scoliosis, and have it progress after being diagnosed. MALE FEMALEINFANTS
  4. 4. • Not transmittable, or communicable. Only transmitted through generation. (can run in the family)
  5. 5. Symptoms • Limbs are not the same length • Body parts stick out (shoulder blades)
  6. 6. Cause • Unknown • Scientists now isolated a gene, but the cause is still unknown
  7. 7. Found a Specific Gene • Through research, scientists isolated the gene associated with scoliosis • Now knowing this gene, doctors can determine if a person will have mild, moderate, or severe scoliosis during their life • With this, Doctors can determine the best treatment for that individual.
  8. 8. ACUTE and or CHRONIC • All depends on the degree of the curve. • The smaller the curve the more acute it is. • The larger the curve the more dangerous and chronic it is. SCOLIOMETER: used to measure the degree of curve
  9. 9. Hazardous Depends on Degree Of the Curve • 0°-20° (just has to be monitored) • 25°-70° (not necessarily treated, but w/o treatment can cause damage; but monitoring will take place.) • 70° and over (can cause spine to twist – can cause problems to organs) • 100° (heart can be effected, death is possible if there is no treatment)
  10. 10. Effects Organs • The spine can twist and could apply pressure onto the lungs. • Some organs (heart) can be effected by the pressure of the bones twisting and turning.
  11. 11. Effects Organs • The bones of the ribcage can also twist to a point where they could puncture the lungs.
  12. 12. Treatment • If degree is not severe, Doctors will just monitor the curve over time. • Wearing a brace can help decrease the chance of the curve increasing. • Surgery is also a final and last decision.
  13. 13. A Fused Spine (surgery)
  14. 14. Scoliosis, is correctable if detected early BUT not cured THE END