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  1. 1. Varicella Chicken Pox AKA Laz Corrales
  2. 2. General Information • Chicken Pox is caused by a virus. • The virus is called varicellazoster. • The same virus can cause herpes zoster which is also known as shingles. • After getting chicken pox you are immune to the disease.
  3. 3. Symptoms • You will be covered in red pox. • You will have a mild sickness which includes a mild fever, stomach ache, headache and possibly a loss in appetite. • All symptoms last 2-4 days after breaking out in pox. • On average there will be 250-500 pox on the body. • Children with skin problems can get up to 1,500 pox. • Children with chicken pox can spread it to anyone that did not have the disease or did not have the vaccination. • Even children with the vaccine can have a small case with only about 30 pox.
  4. 4. Tests & Diagnosis • Usually chicken pox is identified by the common rash. • Blood tests and test of the fluid in the blisters can also determine the disease.
  5. 5. Treatments • The body can fight the disease on its own. • An oatmeal bath in warm water can comfort the child and help with the itching of the skin. • Do not give/take Aspirin or Ibuprofen while having chicken pox, it can cause diseases. • Acetaminophen can be used for treatment. • It is also important to not be in close contact with others considering it is very contagious.
  6. 6. Complications • If woman who are pregnant have chicken pox hen they are at risk for congenital infection of the fetus. • Newborns can have a severe infection if they get chicken pox and their mothers are not immune. • The could be a second infection. • There are chances to get Reye’s syndrome, pneumonia, myocarditis, and transient arthritis after having chicken pox.