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Preparing to Prepare for Preparation


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I spoke at my alma mater last year to freshmen business students on how they can optimize their time in college to get a job in their industry faster. The talk focused on my field of marketing but also contained general tips for the changing world of college to real world transition.

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Preparing to Prepare for Preparation

  1. 1. Preparing to Prepare for Preparationand other tipsJoe Youngblood.Senior Account Executive at WrightIMC. UTA Alumn.
  2. 2. College is Wonderful
  3. 3. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. 4. College Attainment Since 1950
  5. 5. What I mean What does Preparing to Prepare for Preparationmean? College prepares you, but maybe not immediately for acareer It prepares you to prepare for the work environment Your workplace will likely need to prepare you for yourcareer.
  6. 6. No!
  7. 7. Note: he is not holding an ipad.Just go with it.
  8. 8. It doesn’t happen over night but…
  9. 9.  That chart was from Wikipedia… ok, so was the firstone. We still use Wikipedia after college.
  10. 10. This is not a Job-centric Degree
  11. 11. College is Hardand it should be
  12. 12. My Dad (you have no idea how much I hatethat this was dead on) “College is not designed to get you a job son, it’sdesigned to weed out those who won’t work hard,who are not passionate, and who won’t fit into thework environment they want to go into…. College willchallenge you, like metal into a fire it will allow you tobe shaped…” – Mark Youngblood (my dad) 1998 ^^ don’t you hate it when your parents are right?
  13. 13. Tuition Goes Up, Agnostic to the Economy
  14. 14. Scheduling is a Pain
  15. 15. Speaking of scheduling. Learn to track yourfree time.
  16. 16. Seriously guys/gals. I can’t stress thisenough. Don’t procrastinate.. this much.
  17. 17. Sometimes you learn without wanting to…
  18. 18. Classes can be hard
  19. 19. Some lessons you learn the hard way
  20. 20. Going to Work
  21. 21. This guy has a bleak view…
  22. 22. Thugz life. Yolo. Swag.
  23. 23. Entering the work force… can be rough
  24. 24. You might ask.“why did I think this was a good idea”
  25. 25. Things are changing fast. KEEP UP!
  26. 26. That one was old.. Here’s the new one.
  27. 27. If you didn’t keep up in College…
  28. 28. Take Notes
  29. 29. Make sure you know what you’re doing
  30. 30. Get to Work on time…No matter how you get there.
  31. 31. We. Are. Connected. Be cognizant of whatyou do in social media.
  32. 32. Get an Internship Before / After College
  33. 33. My Tips(no funny pics. This is serious stuff.) While in College Decide what you want to do Keep Major text books Keep notes Get as much experience as possible Keep up with industry Join Industry group (if affordable)
  34. 34. My Tips (cont’d) After College Be careful what you post in social media Keep up with your industry Don’t be afraid of a low paying internship Get experience on your own if possible Join industry trade group Ask employer lots of questions Take notes Be organized Be punctual
  35. 35. FINQuestions?