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Social web case study: solving problems for your institution


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Presentation for Social Web

Published in: Education, Technology
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Social web case study: solving problems for your institution

  1. 1. Social web case study: solving problems for your institution Jo Alcock Evidence Base Birmingham City University
  2. 2. Introduction Personal use of social web • Blog at Joeyanne Libraryanne • Tweet as @joeyanne Institutional use of social web • Keen to introduce social web in workplace • Implemented social web at current and previous workplaces (University libraries)
  3. 3. About solutions, not tools Social web shouldn’t be used simply because a tool is available; it should only be used if it meets a need. Each of my examples follow the same structure: Benefit Solution Need Problem
  4. 4. Engagement Engaging with users Presence where our users are Facebook page and Twitter account Engage in online conversation with users
  5. 5. Facebook Facebook page engage in discussions. deliver news and updates about the service, and details of events.
  6. 6. Twitter Twitter account to engage in conversation, share updates, and pass on useful information (through retweeting)
  7. 7. Updates Communicating news/updates to users Avenue to communicate efficiently Blog/RSS feed Users can choose to subscribe to updates
  8. 8. Blogs Blog used to deliver updates about the collection or service. Easy way to keep content fresh and deliver news conveniently to end users.
  9. 9. Event promotion Low awareness of events Central place with details of all events Google calendar embedded into website Website always up-to-date, easy for staff to update, users can subscribe
  10. 10. Google Calendar Embedded into website – easy to use (similar to Outlook for adding events), ability for people to subscribe or add events to their calendar.
  11. 11. The best bit? Engagement e.g. FB/Twitter Communication e.g. Blog/RSS Event promotion e.g. Google Calendar Website Many of these solutions can work together
  12. 12. Internal communication Communication between staff is ad hoc Collaborative working space Internal wiki/intranet (e.g. Sharepoint) Well informed staff able to work as a team
  13. 13. Sharepoint Collaborative working area – shared documents (with version control), calendar, links, announcements and discussions.
  14. 14. Gathering feedback Would like feedback from users Monitor reputation RSS and alerting services Know what people are saying, giving valuable feedback
  15. 15. Monitoring services Set up searches to receive alerts when certain keywords are mentioned (such as your organisation).
  16. 16. Thank you for listening Presentation: Images from Iconfinder Jo Alcock @joeyanne