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NoWal mlibs presentation


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Brief introduction to the JISC m-libraries support project and some pointer questions for facilitated discussion.

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NoWal mlibs presentation

  1. 1. JISC M-libraries support projectEvidence Base at Birmingham City University Owen Stephens Consulting
  2. 2. Evidence gatheringCollecting existing m-library case studiesGathering information on m-libraryinitiativesCollecting information from the programmeSharing information and case studies withinterested parties (within and outsideprogramme)
  3. 3. Community buildingFacilitating communication withinm-library community Information sharing events Online communicationEncouraging sharing of goodpractice
  4. 4. Support project blog
  5. 5. Useful resources #mlibsPlease add resources using #mlibs
  6. 6. Bundle of useful links:
  7. 7. Over to you...
  8. 8. What m-library information haveyou found useful? - reports - blogs - articles - presentations
  9. 9. What furtherinformation do you need?
  10. 10. Which m-libraryexperts do you follow?
  11. 11. What would you like from an m-library community?
  12. 12. ContactJo