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MOOCs - learner perspective


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Presentation given at Internet Librarian International pre-conference workshop on MOOCs. I was invited to give a presentation from the perspective of a learner who has studied by using MOOCs. The presentation provides background information to me as a MOOC learner, and an overview of my experiences studying for two different Coursera courses.

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MOOCs - learner perspective

  1. 1. MOOCs: The learner's perspective Jo Alcock @joeyanne Evidence Base Birmingham City University Internet Librarian International 2013
  2. 2. My journey - Optional Bangor University BSc(Hons) Sports Science Maths modules in first year - ECDL during second year - Sports Psychology focus in final year
  3. 3. My journey - Writing minutes - Creating displays - Designing e-learning University of Wolverhampton packages - Evidence-based librarianship - Advanced ECDL
  4. 4. My journey Aberystwyth University MScEcon Information and Library Studies Modules: - Business information - Ebooks & Digitisation - Dissertation on strategic marketing
  5. 5. My journey - CILIP Chartership - PRINCE2 Birmingham City University Evidence Based Researcher Foundation and Practitioner - ALA Emerging Leaders - ILM Award in Coaching - Award in Consulting
  6. 6. Why MOOCs? Intrigued by MOOCs and their models Cost effective way to learn Low risk way to learn about different subjects Flexible approach - can be done at home LEARN ALL THE THINGS!
  7. 7. My Coursera Experience Organizational Analysis Social Psychology
  8. 8. Organizational Analysis Stanford University Basic track (no assignments) 2-3hrs per week for 10 weeks Final multiple choice exam
  9. 9. Social Psychology Wesleyan University Advanced track (extra reading and weekly assignments) 8-10 hours per week for 6 weeks Final multiple choice exam
  10. 10. My Coursera Experience Much more enjoyment when topic can be applied Peer assessment process was interesting to be involved in Happy to contribute minimal finances but prefer free reading materials Learnt much more when completing lectures, readings and assignments
  11. 11. What I have learnt To research the type of course before beginning to see if style suits my needs I enjoy studying topics I can apply in work/life situations I'm motivated by rewards
  12. 12. Thank you @joeyanne Internet Librarian International 2013